Fiction wise, what make a leader good or even decent enough?

Stepping away for reality a bit, what do you consider a great or good enough leader in the fictional world?

Why are they considered good or great? What makes them the leader of their nation or something else?

Does this topic make sense or not at all?

Bonus Question:

What does a realistic fictional leader look like?


I would think it’d be similar to the real world lol. Someone who can direct people what to do, who (may know) what to do in certain circumstances, and take their team’s opinions and thoughts into consideration. :woman_shrugging:

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That’s a tough one. There’s always going to be someone who criticizes the leader no matter how “good” they are. People are so different and value different things. So a leader has to somehow balance decision making to make things fair for most people, though they can never please them all. If most people are unhappy with the leadership, then that’s a bad sign. I would imagine they’d have to be a reasonable human being, but again, what’s reasonable varies from person to person. I didn’t help at all, did I? :laughing: I think if you’re not causing trouble with other nations to start wars, then that’s good at least? Prolong peace as long as possible, but at the same time, be ready to protect your people if necessary. :thinking:

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Generally speaking, a leader is a good one when they are more like a mideval king:

No, I’m not talking about how they treat the poor, I’m talking about how they lead from the front. A king that is the first to ride off into battle and doesn’t sit at the back of the battle or at home doesn’t need to teach things like valorand chivalry because he is the embodiment of it.

So, a good leader is someone you want to be like, you just follow behind them trying to be them.

Of course there are other factors Iike knowing who is more skilled, but first impressions are on what they do, not who they chose to do things for them.


A few of my favourite quotes about leadership…

I lost my position but not my self-respect ~ K-19: The Widow Maker.

They heard me, but they listened to you ~ Chernobyl, TV series.

Even a king should know when to follow ~ Troy (paraphrased).

Above all things you have to be someone the girls can look up to. In fact, that’s the absolute least you should do ~ Gunslinger Girl, anime series.

You don’t even like me, why did you come for me?
You’re a part of my crew, why are we still talking about this?
~ Firefly, TV series.

Stand up there, acknowledge your fleet, and give them what they need. A hero. That will be your penance, even if it kills you ~ Battlestar Galactica, TV series.

You made achieving the impossible seem routine ~ A quote about Yoni Netanyahu (Benjamin Netanyahu’s brother).

If the crew don’t hate the XO, you’ve got a lousy XO ~ Battlestar Galactica, TV series.

We give the smartest members of our team the task of arguing against our positions ~ The West Wing, TV series (paraphrased).

It ain’t about you, its about the men next to you ~ Blackhawk Down.

Woe betided the Commander who could not account for presence and wellbeing of his team ~ a quote about SEAL training.

The report from an officer’s superiors determined the officer’s rank. The report from an officer’s subordinates determined the officer’s status ~ an IDF quote.

I pushed you and pushed you in search of your limits, only to discover you did not have any ~ Citizen X.

The first in, and the last out ~ the motto of the (early) SEAD squadrons in the Vietnam War.

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These are really good.
Thanks for sharing.

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Someone who actually does their job and does it well. A.k.a. something real world leaders are apparently incapable of due to reasons

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A contradiction? An oxymoron? :stuck_out_tongue: You can’t be realistic and fictional at the same time XD Or…can you? :thinking:

You can say, perhaps the generic leader qualities in the real world apply to the leaders in fictional worlds—can command a crowd, is confident in their beliefs, has clear plans for their goals, makes sure to keep friends close and enemies closer, is humble and fair, and doesn’t unnecessarily hurt others, and there might be other things.

But you can be all those things plus being extremely manipulative and devious and your followers might still see you as a good leader.

Like Jack from my story Jack Of All Trades. He’s a born leader. Among the qualities I mentioned, he is definitely not humble or fair, but he is everything else.

Someone who inspires, directs, and takes charge.

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