Fictional Acronyms! Does your story have any?

I’m starting to think I really like acronyms a lot or maybe I like them just fine. Who knows? LOL!

Anyway, I was wondering, do any of you have fictional acronyms in your story or not at all? If you do, what does it stand for?

My Turn:

I have a few actually, but I am going to name one…for now.

GUC: Global Union Committee- A global government that serves the Sovereign and the Imperial Court and makes laws that every nation must abide by.

What about you all?



HC: High Collection.

And in Scotch’s story there’s a bunch because it’s the most modern story.

WAVE: idk what it stands for, but it’s Elgana’s version of the Internet.

OB: for OB case which stands for Officer Borrecki’s case. Bran Borrecki was Scotch’s father and he was murdered on the job. Because he was such a successful and famous police officer, his case is quite famous and many call it the OB case.

CPA: Cataloogy Police Academy. It’s the academy that Scotch and his buddy Mason attend to become police officers. Also the place his father became a police officer. It’s the main police academy. The big one. Almost all policecitizens of the Second Ring (full of Halfhumans) have studied and trained at CPA.

AVC: Idk what it stands for but it’s the equivalent of BBC.

SSTF: Special Student Task Force. I can’t say much because it’s a fake thing put together by a corrupt policewoman.

AEM: Anthro Era Movement. A political cult.

CREAMER: Capture Everything and Anything Mechanical Recorder. It’s the equivalent of a drone but better and unnecessarily pricey. I had to have a gadget with a stupid name. I had to.


Just the three so far

UFW - United Fae Worlds - system of Fae planets

ES - Elemental System - system of planets inhabited by the Elementals

TREX - no idea what it stands for but it’s basically the Instagram/Facebook of the God Worlds

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Ha! Yeah!

In my latest Sci-Fi, “The Great Galactic Score!”, it’s a bit like Star Trek, bit like Star Wars, bit like HitchHikers Guide To The Galaxy, including all the usual scientifically impossible things and the company that controls and sells all that tech is called DWAIt Corps.

DWAIt Corps = “Don’t Worry About It Corporation”

Their motto - “It just works!” :sweat_smile:


At first I read CREAMER as KRAMER, like from Seinfield.


lol, I was wondering if anyone would point that out :stuck_out_tongue: Not intentional, but I did think about it afterwards.


I think the only one I have for now is SPP: Soldier Protection Program. It’s basically the government’s army.


FTA – Federal Bureau of Time Affairs. Because of course the government doesn’t like it when people are messing with history.


Surprisingly, no. If I did, it would be something in passing that they refuse to use because it spells out a slanderous/bigoted word and they refuse to go down in flames. Which would give a spot for someone to call them that horrible thing.

But I did have a way to shorten names in the Assassin’s Journals. There was 4 basic categories that you could graduate into, Night/Day Assassins (remember the Night as dark blues by color code, think Day is green? Magic assassin’s are known as Red Assassin’s, and bug game hunters were Quarter Assassin’s or browns. They wore color coding for work purposes. There were a further 3, black (internal affairs, basically a cop’s cop), orange (temporal, or time cops, fixing causality), purple (international affairs or royalty affairs, policing things that could destabilize a nation), and the MC (dark blue) manages to make a need for research/paperwork an official class of it’s own, which became yellow in code. So, she’s wearing her dark blue with yellow armbands, winds up earning the nickname Wasp in the office…which she hates because she was Mouse all her life.


Time affairs? As in time travel?


That’s right:)


Oh cool :grin: How do they keep track of time travel?


That is a big question to condense an answer for. I try to justify the law of causality first on a simpler concept. If you need your room cleaned in an instant, you can put it off until tomorrow. It takes discipline to see the work done and then having to go back and do it, so often it simply doesn’t work and the room is left a mess. Things only happen now if they will happen, pertaining to time travel. (one can only go back in time for this story) How do these concepts translate to preserving history? Those who try to alter history are often unable to because of the fact that the FTA would have stopped them unless they work under the radar or pull off an incredible heist. The damage done to history is all that which was unable to be fixed. It is almost comical how FTA agents sit around with all their potential to stop events that do not happen because they stopped them from having happened.


I definitely do!!! One of the main ones in my story is “ATF” which means Alliance of the Fallen which is a secret organization in my world!