Fictional race (POLL)

I have too many options and I am lowering it down to four easy to say options.

The fictional race is a mixture of a few different races and magical beings in fantasy.

This is the generally idea of what the race is like in terms of what they can do:
  1. A vampiric type being that drains the mana levels of their victims, which kills them off.
  2. Resurrecting and manipulating the dead.
  3. Creates gold from nothing and artifical lifeforms.
  4. The ability to summon beings and people from a distant past.

Here are the different names

  • Tirrons.
  • Alves.
  • Meilgens.
  • Rhaks.
  • Other (explain in the comments).
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Thoughts and feelings?

Also, I finally decided on a name for my female protagonist in Project Summoner.

Her name shall be Aeris Oristina Kriegman for now on.



Well, come on, friends!



just kinda spoke to me.

Alves looks too much like elves.

And I know Rhaks are the red beings you talked about before if I’m correct :stuck_out_tongue: So, I thought, why not something different? :wink:


I no longer have a race named Rhaks anymore.
Things changed.

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I suspected that, but I still associated that name with the one you had, so I went with something different :wink:

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Yeah, maybe another story for another time.

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I feel that this will get harder to more I wait for more votes, in terms of which to choose.

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I chose Meilgens…

But you should bring back The Rhaks (in some form or other)…


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I will. Trust me I got ideas in waiting.

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I am slowly making a decision.

Tirrons wins!