Fictional scientific-related jobs and more???

I have a character who works a job where he studies Xelphies or animals as a whole on Alagossia. Though there are branches within the umbrella term, many fields of Xelphies to study and get information from. So, far this is something that I made-up on the fly, but I at the moment have a character who is a professional Xelphotolagist. Though he is not amongst a certain field at the moment. So, I just have a question because there’s a bunch of real-world jobs that involve studying animal nature, biology, and more.

Do you have a similar fictional job in your story that’s scientific or not at all? Obviously, I need to think more about it, yet I just came up with the word and didn’t dive deep enough into. It was a spur of the moment idea.

Thoughts and feelings?



Want to come on by to answer or to simply be curious?

Intel gathering of animals for what purpose…?

My closest character to your scenario would be Dr Lander. The aging hyper-intelligent, chutzpah-infused, doctor is an expert in manipulating human DNA, creating synthetic human DNA, cybernetic implants, and reconstructive surgery (with a focus on severe trauma cases). Dr Lander created Freyja, an accelerated growth hybrid clone girl (from test-tube to teenager in four years), and also created a new left arm for Dov, using his clone project. There’s no official name for the Doctor’s skill-set or project achievements, although most characters would award Lander the rank of Cheeky Old Sod.

Nothing about Freyja was a mistake, not even her exceptional assets ~ Polanski.
No complaints from Dov, so what harm was done? ~ Karen.

Oh, something related to this subject, over the last few years Israeli scientists experimented with lab-grown meat, and the 3D-printed beef has just been declared kosher. It may also be a ‘neutral’ meat, still kosher when served with dairy foods. Apparently there’s a debate among Rabbinical groups on the kosher status of 3D-printed pork.


The animals on Alagossia are VERY different than the animals on Earth. In fact, it’s better to say that the animals are insanely alien to the animals on Earth. Not only can they use magic due to the air and having mana levels, but their biological make-up is too alien for me to get a good sense of it. Yet to the humanoid beings on the planet, most of the animals on Alagossia are very unique and not yet discovered, while some are either domesticated or wild breeds. My character is works in a field where he studies the unique biology, misting powers, and more to these animals.

That is all I have, because I didn’t dive too much into it, since it’s a first draft. I asked the questioned out of pure curiosity, but at the same time slight help.

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Apparently xenology is the (fictional) name for the study of life on other planets. You could use a name similar to xenology, or zoology (the study of earth’s critters), or a name derived from a story-based acronym. Just thought of the acronym XMS, Extraterrestrial-Magic-Systems (/ Study).


in a super old project i had a pair of characters whose job was to commit suicide :sparkles: for science :sparkles:

the reasoning was that they were from a dimension of near-indestructible aliens where the population was getting dangerously low, and their government was like “we will pay volunteers to find out what kills us so we can, uh, put a fence around it idk, make sure to fill out this research questionairre if your partner dies”.


Thank you because the fake scientific name I have now is a doozy to keep track of.
Plus, there is a good chance that I shall be using that job title again in the story for the other chapters too.

So, yeah, the story take place on a different planet in a different dimension and planet Earth doesn’t even exist yet/isn’t even relevant to this story.

Well, this is an interesting little headache. LOL!

That is interesting. So, because these aliens are so powerful, but the population was low, killing themselves is the only solution?

Wow…how many succeed exactly? Do you remember?

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Maysie is working on sleep chambers on the back of a giant turtle. Yeah, weird stuff.


kind of? it’s research, basically. the alien population had a consistently high death rate due to a cultural tendency to not have any self preservation instincts (because why would you develop those if you and everyone around you are practically indestructible). I think the aliens had a low birth rate, too, but i don’t know if that ever made it on page. Ergo the population was dropping and the government was like ‘let’s make an OSHA so we don’t go extinct’ but had no information to work with and made a research branch where volunteers could come and say “hey i did this dangerous thing and lost all my toes but they grew back and i survived” or “my partner did this dangerous thing and died” and the thing that caused the death goes on the no-no list.

it’s an incredibly ineffecient system but in my defense i’m dumb. and it’s a very rural area so ineffeciency of the government is on par.

i never made up an exact number, but 2-3 for sure. both the characters’ parents had the same “job” and died. Their mom ate neurotoxic mushrooms, and either their dad or an npc drowned.


I assume that he’s more of a legitimate scientist than Bardock.

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I have one that’s pseudoscience. In the (Other) World books, Henry dubs himself a Crackologist - one who studies and is an expert on the cracks in walls.

His definition, not mine.

His pseudoscience, not anyone else’s. There is no such thing as a Crackologist even in the fictional world Henry’s story takes place in :stuck_out_tongue:

As for other fictional scientific jobs, probably. I know there are scientists in Elgana, but I haven’t named them anything.