Finding my own space with limitations on resources and support!

So, I am planning to find a place for myself at some point later this year or early next year.

I just need some assistance in that department. By assistance I mean a organization of sorts that works with me to find a place, a spacious one bedroom apartment.

I am limited on those resources, but financially I am limited even more, I have money to help me, yet it comes monthly and it is not enough to live on.

Support I sorta have, I mean there’s my family and afriend, but an organization is what I need. I am working towards that, I just have to get my application put in.

So, do you have questions for me?
Thoughts and feelings?



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Update: I am looking at two different apartments that share the same company, the difference is square feet, one is 800 while the other is 680.

Yet the prices are very similar…sorta.

I am still going to look at random locations, but the overall goal is that they are spacious one bedrooms for myself.

Then if DDD accepts me, I can converse with them in places to live alone.


Omg that’s great! I’ve never heard of such an organization before–I wish we had something like that in Florida for all the homeless down here. New York businessmen pay private bus companies to ship them down here–I’ve seen them drop them off myself with the NY license plates. They think we don’t know. I guess they don’t want those people cluttering up Wall Street, and they have the money to make them disappear, so they do. Heaven forbid we should actually address the causes of homelessness and poverty as a nation and propose appropriate solutions like they do in Europe. Argh. But I digress.

Anyway, I sure hope it works out for you! Maybe your mental health will improve when you’re on your own. That would be fabulous! Keeping my fingers crossed… (*^-‘) 乃


Thank you! I hope so too because I need my own space.
I doubt I hit the lottery/mega millions any time soon or at all, because if I could, I would get a two bedroom apartment for myself that isn’t luxurious.

So, since that ain’t happening, I’ll just get help from a place that works with mentally and physically disabled to find them housing and other things.

Thanks again.

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In the UK we have housing associations that help with those who have additional needs, weather they be mental or physical assisted needs. They do well as an association, but their funds are quite restricted, and you often get less than you require (sizing and adaptive needs equipment), but with further questioning and a social worker to fight your cause you can, and often do, get much more that will help you… But it ca take a while, and a few re-requests…

I hope you can get that which you feel is within your requirements, and is fully suitable to your needs. This may be the making of you in many respects.

All the best on this adventure!


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