Five Star Cafe

Welcome to the cafe.
:leafy_green: talk about anything. Hows life? how is your writing going?
Just follow general rules of the forms and we should be good.
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Let me go first. :eyes:
Hello~ my beautiful writers.


:eyes: I has been summoned

hey girl! my gosh im trying to make new friends here but i glad i found you.

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Surely people will show up soon. A lot of them are very chatty

waits yep

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I can’t sleep

neither can i.

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Reading and wrting lol


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Hi :grin:

You and I started off on in an interesting way :smirk:

I’m currently editing Dead By Sunrise, my magic realism story. It’s the sequel in a duology. What are you working on?


Metallica and Megadeath have a long-standing rivalry


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i worked on sleep for a bit and the response is late. But im working on a dark fantasy right now.


Why are you surprised?

i just wanted to use that face. It popped up and looked cool.

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Hello I have just arrived here, I am unfamiliar with this cafe and presume everything based on the only other cafe I have been.

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lol yeah its just a spot i made for fun.

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How dark are we talkin’? :smirk:

My magic realism story is quite dark.

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