Flaws and all pt2: Would your characters get along with mine? Yes? No?

I am trying to do a simple experiment to see something. Would your characters get along greatly with my character based on the flaws alone?

These characters are not the textbook definition of perfect. They are flawed and all messed up in their own way. Still, based on the flaws, would your characters try to get along with them or at least try to understand them.

I shall list down a bit of my characters’ bio so you can know who they are. Just choose which ever or how many characters you want to add.

Bonus Question: What would your characters even say to my characters if they met them? DO NOT ROLEPLAY.


My Turn:

From The House of Naivin:
Nixora Dirrerry: Can be very harsh and mean to pretty much anyone who isn’t really close to her. She developed this habit after being unable to trust many people when her family fell apart. Yet on the flipside she greatly hates being left alone because she tends to get wrapped in her own thoughts that send her to a dark place. Also, she is still bitter over the death of her mother, the abandonment of both her father and brother, along with learning her father had a second family. Nixora is also very reckless when she is angered or even when a little excited. Her stubborn ways are another terrible flaw because she tends to get to set in her ways that she doesn’t want to change unless there is a legit need to.

Kizaris Dirrerry: is an even worse version of his younger sister. Unlike Nixora who has the potential to be a kind and caring person when she warms up to people, Kizaris is just a blatantly horrible person way too set in his ways. His violent and aggressive tendencies cause the other members of his organization to fear him and downright hate him. Kizaris likes fighting and getting into arguments a lot and is super reckless. He is a rude and uncaring person who always thinks that the world revolves around him. He hates listening to people and does whatever he wants. He can be a creeper thinking that Aeris belongs to him since he fell in love with her in some twisted way.

Soren Valen eins Naivin: is a very impatient person who truly hates the idea of waiting. He also wants instant satisfaction in his life which is why he does everything he can to prevent himself from feeling a little bored. Also, he is very absent-minded to the point that when he is so hyper focused on something nothing else truly matters. Soren is always bored which is hard for him to find things that excites him, but when he does find something, he is so completely focused on it that he becomes blinds to everything else. He is very picky when it comes to many things and always desires the best.

Thallan Folmer eins Naivin: Even though Thallan loves to joke around and pull silly pranks, he tends to take that too seriously and loses sight of how serious a situation is. Thallan is also prone to doing dark humor which makes people wonder if something is truly wrong with him. He has a sarcastic yet rude tone of voice that would get him in worlds of trouble if he wasn’t royalty. Thallan can be very immature at times which causes concern for his siblings and his girlfriend and makes Nixora want to physically punch him. He is a bit too honest and has been known to cause issues with other members of the Twenty Dynasties along with the Global Union Committee. Thallan is cold-hearted when he is in a foul mood and only cares about himself. He also has a snarky attitude towards people who doesn’t know but rubs off on him in a negative way.

Maiandra Heather eins Naivin: a socially awkward yet nervous young woman who is prone to breakdowns when there are certain things she cannot handle. She is also sensitive to what others think or say to her and worries that she’ll end up hurting someone’s feelings or get hurt herself. Maiandra can’t socialize well like her brothers and always stays to herself in fear of being hated or something far worse. She also refuses to open up about her feelings, making her feel like a burden and a failure of a royal because she isn’t able to handle situations better. She is very emotional and spends most of her time crying a lot while thinking about the past. She is unable to move forward as she thinks about her parents’ death, the moments in her life when she was hurt verbally and physically by others, and fear holding her back. She tends to scare easily. Her heart races when she is around people and starts suffering from paranoia.

I am not going to lie because these main characters all have tremendous number of issues and problems. Right now, I just list their flaws, but there are “good” things about them. I shall explain that later.

What do you think?



Also, if this doesn’t belong in this section, please feel free to move it to the right one.


Richard, my immortal assassin narcissist villain doesn’t care about anyone’s flaws. He’ll make sure to get along with everyone. He’s just so charismatic that way. He’s like a chameleon. If any of those characters do him wrong, he’ll chuck his demon at them and consume their flesh without remorse.

Bethany will probably get along with Nixora. Reason being, they are quite similar in that Bethany doesn’t trust people unless she has control over them. She has a bitter family past and can be quite mean and harsh. She and Nixora might clash but end up finding they can clash together and not against. Maybe not friends, but more like partners in crime.


Damn Richard! LOL!

It is nice that Bethany can get along fairly well with Nixora. It’s cool that Nixora and Bethany are the same.

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What can I say? Richard is evil and he knows it :grin:

I think it would be so cool if Nixora went to Bethany’s school and they can be the duo dangerous popular girls and do whatever they want. Bethany lives in a mansion with a butler so Nixora can get as pampered as she wants.

Bethany would probably begin by laying down the rules for a “partnership”. She’s a “right to business” kinda gal when it comes to ruling a high school :stuck_out_tongue: Besides, she was recently ditched by her former partner in crime and is looking for a new one.

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Awesome. Bethany seems very chill to me.

Yay! Nixora has a friend! However, Nixora doesn’t really like to be spoiled so, Bethany doesn’t need to pamper her.

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Well good. Bethany doesn’t want to give her stuff to people anyway :stuck_out_tongue: More for her. But one requirement: Nixora must have good fashion sense or at least be willing to change her style a little.

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Scorvius would get along with Thallan. Both like to joke and pull pranks and not take things too seriously. Scorvius will try and get a snicker at least in every situation if he can. He’s playful. And he lives to serve despite that it might not always seem that way if he’s messing around. Another reason I think they would be good is that Scorvius is a guard to royalty so he knows how to best deal with 'em to stay on their good sides :stuck_out_tongue:

Maiandra would work best with Tar who would sit by anyone’s side calmly and let them cry or rant or whatever they want. He’s an emotional support type of character. He has a really calm demeanor and is protective of those he serves. He is good at giving space when space is needed. He will wait for her friendship as long as it takes. Tar is a former royal guard, so he also knows how to deal with 'em :wink:

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Ah, shoot! LOL!

Nixora’s fashion sense is plain yet comfortable. She isn’t a fashionista and doesn’t bother with things like that. However, overtime she can grow to change her taste in fashion.

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Aww! Maiandra would be happy to have such a great supportive friend.

Thallan has what it takes to be a good stand-up comedian if he weren’t a prince. Scorvius would probably get six pack abs from laughing too hard at Thallan’s jokes.

It seems Soren and Kizaris don’t got anybody. LOL!

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Lol XD That would be fun.

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I have a lot of characters who would be considered witches but dislike the term.

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But would they get along with the characters, or no?

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All of them are difficult peope to get along with on a good day

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Interesting. Care to explain a bit more?

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Most of them have abrasive and intense personalities, either icy or hot-blooded

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Ah, alrighty then.
So, those are the stay-away-from-them-type characters, huh?

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