Focusing a little less on the royalty and nobility, but more on the common people...

I am going to be real with you, peeps, because when it comes to royalty/monarchy/nobility I love it for some odd reason. I find it interesting for some reason. Don’t ask! LOL!

However, I want to focus on something not surrounded around royal and nobles for a moment.
I am still focusing on the anthology because I do want to make that into a novel. Yet, I do want to do another story that is focused on person who isn’t a royal or noble or rich, but rather an ordinary person getting into epic adventures either alone or with a friend.

My anthology is already focusing on three children of a monarch. So, they are royalty and I am enjoying it, but it is lacking in some part that are in need for fixing. Yes, it is in a rough draft still, but whatever.

My next story needs to make sense to me and me alone.
So, I am focusing on for my new story on just one or two people who are close friends and view each other as family going on an adventure and quest.

I just don’t wanna focus on royals and nobles for this other anthology story. I mean there will be royalty and nobility there, but they’re not as important and only support or something.

I mean I’ll still love royals in fiction and real life no matter what. Yet I wanna branch out for the world of Alterra.

What do you think? How do you focus more on the everyday people rather than the rich and powerful?

Yes, I know that rich people, royals, and nobles can be considered everyday people. But I feel like some of them don’t fully understand the lives everyday people and the struggle they go through.

So, lend me your thoughts on how to better tackle this.


Forgive my possible grammatical errors.

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In one of my Frostpunk fanfics, the story focuses around Queen Victoria of the British Empire… as the story progresses, we also see a bunch of people from each social class in London, and they’re all scared of death as the apocalypse is coming, the book ends with Victoria receiving a bunch of workers, farmers, artisans, factory owners and nobles into her meeting room as they try to survive the final moments of the freezing by burning books and they start talking to each other and realizing they weren’t so different, after all, we’re all humans, they share a drink of beer before dying

I think that said story does a pretty good job in focusing on BOTH the Royalty and common people

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The problem for fantasy is that there is a tendency towards making the main characters move the world. When you’re dealing with commoners who have no authority, you give them special abilities to have the right to weild the world.

It’s a lot harder to write characters who don’t make a big change in their lifetime. This is where a study of history is so damned important.

Beethoven: so damned important a musical Revolutionary. We all know that. Same thing with Handel and Mozart.

What about Bach?

Thing is Bach didn’t know he was a revolutionary. He was a WELL known organist, and it was known he wrote music, but his music caught on as THE standard of Baroque music a century after the Baroque went out of style.

Seriously, history is made by looking back on someone and seeing the greatness in them, and they don’t get to see it in themselves, quite often. It’s less noticeable with other great names, but it’s a big part of why Mozart didn’t outlive Handel although he was a a prodigy in his time. That, and my favorite Mozart piece is actually his last (which is from the start of the Romantic era, when Mozart’s main body of work is the Classical).

It’s would be like this simple conversation meaning something epic had come to the world after we’ve all passed away. It’s not the way we write fantasy.


Now, probably the easiest way to handle such a situation, would be to have a time-traveling journalist come back and interview some influential figure in a time-looped room, where they go on an d on about how grand the person was,.but how they died a pauper, not even knowing their worth, just totally wreck this person’s life or an interview, have this person walk out the meeting with tears on their face and no idea why they are crying.

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Contrast in station is a great source of conflict, so often you see characters coming from different backgrounds to use it as fuel for conflict and character growth. Just write whatever characters you want as long as they interest you. Like, are you looking for anything in addition to the pat on the back and a pep talk? Please, tell us.


Sorry for the really late reply and all.

Thank you for the advice and I suppose I have rethink my plans.


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