Follower, Rebel, or Leader? Which character fits which role and why is that?

Based on their personality and mannerism and anything else you can think of which one of your characters fit this these roles? Which is the follower, which is the rebel, and which is the leader? Select however many you want and place them in the right role.

Bonus Off-topic Question:

  1. What causes your character stress/ what stresses them out?



I tend to favor characters that don’t take on dispositions too deeply, and can rotate what they are.

Begging is for Losers: Rachael tries to hide like a follower, thinks most often like a rebel, steps up into being a leader grudgingly.
Nathaniel has always been a leader, mentally, even when he didn’t believe he was–just different aspects of it.

In the Game of the Gods, Sssyraine is complacently living as a follower, Dreithan is a leader who knows his limits, both are marginally disguised as rebels while being the empire’s followers. Wraith mostly fits a mishmash of follower and rebel with little leader to him. His wife (Dreithan’s sister) is a follower in the way a child would be one (as in not for obedience, but because life is a game to enjoy, don’t make me make the tough choices). Dreithan’s brother is plain groomed for leadership, flat out, not allowed to be any less by the time any of the 3 stories start. His wife is part Dwarf, so the starting mentality is that weird amalgamation of leader/follower/rebels that anime engineers are. This is another character I strip everything from, so she’s more a cursed demigod at the end, waiting on this young King to figure out the curse. So, it’s just a weird series.

Harvold Twelfthborn from The Fairways Empire is more Outsider and Troubleshooter, doesn’t really fit those 3 because his main goals have nothing to do with the 3 types. But when things fit around him, he’s each by turn.

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Maximus is a Leader, Roman is a Rebel, Quintus is a follower.

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They’re all rebels. :slight_smile:


How funny, I have two sets of friend trios in one of my stories that fit these pretty well.

The Original trio (They’ve since broken up/died)
Blackburne: Leader
Crow: Rebel
Orville: Follower

The Present Day trio
Vale: Leader
Skye: Rebel
Webb: Follower

It’s fitting because the present day gang is meant to parallel the fate of the original gang. The leader and the rebel form a close bond, but then the rebel dies/turns evil and splits the group up. And the follower is there to take the emotional fallout.

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So, they do whatever they want, huh?

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Ruven would fit the role of rebel just in general personality and going off his affiliations.
Elya is a leader. She isn’t gifted the title of “Captain” for nothing.
Noah is hard to peg down. He’s the technical protagonist and his first arc is centered around moving from follower to leader.

Bonus: going off more pet peeves that can lead to a big stress but aren’t unmanageable.

Ruven: deals with sensory overload. If an environment has a lot of high-pitched noise or bad smells, he feels stressed. (Which is more a point of comedy on my end, haha. I always stick him in the worst environments.)

Elya: socializing. She never had to do it as a child, and the military academy’s way of communicating isn’t exactly refined. (Again, a point of comedy. Elya is a battle-hardened killing machine that people refer to as ‘monster’, and yet she becomes the most stressed when she’s forced to speak with people (especially nobility)).

Noah: hates decisions. He’s indecisive and would rather let someone else take the lead because the fear of making the wrong choice paralyzes him. (This character is still under heavy development.)

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Amneris is in the position of leader but acts more like a rebel.
Xix was a rebel then became a leader, but she was already a leader personality wise.
None of my characters really act like followers, especially the others who follow those two.

For Amneris, public speaking. And that’s a little problematic when part of your job is public speaking.
For Xix, cleaning up the mess her ancestors left behind.

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Yes, which is why I punish them all :wink:

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Is Amneris a human or some other type of being?

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She’s a God :innocent:

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She’s a God who gets stressed out over public speaking?

How did you managed to pull that off? :sweat_smile:

That’s really interesting.

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Yep :joy: Gods aren’t perfect, after all. They all have their flaws and fears and habits

Honestly, I have social anxiety that’s so bad I can pass out when public speaking. I just started channeling that and it seemed to work for her character, so I kept it going :joy:

Glad you think so :heart:


Okay, from my rat girl story…

  • Bethany is a leader. She’s always been. She’s a natural at it. It’s part of her personality and she can see what needs to be done and who needs to do what. She can easily assert herself and feels at home in front of people. She’s an extroverted people person and calculating.

  • Tar is a follower. He used to be a royal guard and it’s engrained in him to follow and protect. He’s also naturally that way but not just to anyone, of course. He also doesn’t have many opinions (which might be a flaw like he’s too submissive). As long as you’re doing what he believes are good deeds, he would help you get them done.

  • Marcus is a rebel. He’s literally a rebel. He exiled himself because he didn’t agree with what was going on in the kingdom :stuck_out_tongue: He’s a risk-taker which puts others at risk as well. He would still go for the risky option even if others tell him how dangerous it is. The more you say “no”, the more he’ll inch toward “yes” until you eventually end up doing what he thought was best. He does it all very nicely and sweetly though, so it’s hard for some to get angry with him.

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Sebastian and Jorge are definitvely leaders, as Sebastian takes the lead to set up the Oasis of Macul amongst all the destruction and remains true to his home, his family and his community and country even when offered multiple times to evacuate the country

Jorge remains loyal to the nation despite the disaster, because that’s what a true President does

Antonia and most other characters are just followers tho

Emilia, being the leader of the evacuation group, is also a leader even tho she differs from Sebastian on what to do now, while Sebastian believes the safest way is to remain in the ruins, Emilia believes a march towards Argentina is a safer bet

Benjamin is the rebel, constantly demanding that everything is solved now even tho it is not physically possible

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All of my character’s stress probably comes from the fact a 9.7 earthquake completely destroyed the country, that’s gonna be stressful


That sounds quite stressful. I bet it drastically changed everything.

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