Following Function and Notifications

Hi everyone, I just re-enabled notifications for people you “follow” on the forum. When I previously turned these on, several users reported a huge influx of notifications. Now that these notifs are back on, you can customize what notifications you get. Go to your profile>notification settings and see this series of checkboxes:


For those of you who follow lots of people who post or reply frequently, you can turn off notifications for “replies” and “posts”. Replies are any reply by someone you follow in any topic. Notifications for “posts” are for new threads.

I personally would recommend turning off the “replies” setting, unless you want to know which threads your friends are frequenting.

Let me know if you have questions!



I can’t seem to get the setting of checkboxes on my profile for some reason, is it possible because the update isn’t on my site yet?

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It should be under preferences and at the very bottom of notifications

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