Food! Fictional Food!

One of the many things that I tend to neglect a bit (only if there’s a need to mention it) is food from various nations.

I did in the old Red Reign and some other stories, but of course I didn’t dive further.

Long story short, I made everything up on whim and I do want to do like a recipe of different Alagossian dishes varying from different countries, in terms of the more popular foods for the future.

Yet the meats, vegetables, grains, and other staples for food are HIGHLY different from anything on Earth, but I could always do something similar to Earth, but not too similar that it is identical.

So, yes, it won’t matter unless food ties in with the plot. Yet food plays a part, because characters need food to eat and thrive in various ways.

Thoughts and feelings?



It doesn’t have to be mentioned a lot, but I want to at least get a little creative for my own sake.

I say this for Project Lionheart, since the characters will travel a lot and even stop at various restaurants to eat different meals.


Idk if this is relevent, but Whenever I think of food in books, I will always think of Amy Tan’s books and Brian Jacque’s Redwall books. Their writing always made me drool with how beautifully described all the food in those stories was. :drooling_face: Food always had a significant importance in Tan’s stories, culturally.

Now I’m starving.

(Meanwhile my characters don’t eat lol)


Some races in Alagossia don’t need food, but honestly that would be all of the races, because they are all immortal (it is a bizarre immortality though) yet they are still in need of food.

I’m a Cajun. Of course food comes up occasionally. Sometimes it’s even a pivotal plot point. lol


Cool, cool! I could do an equivalent of Soul food.

I had to jot this down.


Also, in regards to Soul food, there are other dishes that I could intertwine, but that requires research on my end.

So far, I am yearning to give an Alagossian twist on Latin foods, Asian dishes, and some European meals.

I am still pondering, but I definitely want to do an Alagossian version of Soul food.


You have a whiteboard in your room? XD That’s a serious writer right there.


I don’t care, put it in, make me hungry.

I always have some kind of eating scene in my books because it’s how characters connect. What’s the same? What’s different? How about etiquette? Culture shock? Comfort food? Meal scenes are the best.


Yeah, it was supposed to be bigger than that, but I think this is good enough.

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I have characters who didn’t know each other AT ALL, but they find a common favorite sweet treat and bond for the first time.

Of course, meal time isn’t just good vibes. Culture differences brought conflicts over the table in one story and another character had to come in and stop them.



I am going to have to take a research-ish break to find out some dishes that I can have Alagossian.

So, yeah, I can’t research too much because I will get heavily distracted and fall into a void of never ending scrolling.

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True, true.

The way you can find dishes is to think about what they can grow or find in the wild (which depends on the environment they live in), and what types of animals they might hunt. If there are no common Earth-type animals or plants, think about what those might be similar to.

So, your first step is figuring out the specific nature environment and then what might be edible in there. Also, seasonal things. You might be able to catch one creature in the summer, but not in the colder days because they hibernate, for example.


Yeah, that is gonna be a challenge, maybe not too much since I don’t have to make it too alien and out of the box.

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I added more to the whiteboard.
Ignore the paper, please. LOL!


You might need another whiteboard soon XD


The latest books I’ve written are all reality based so I didn’t use any fictional food; in fact, food is barely mentioned at all. But years ago I wrote a medieval fantasy where the pope ate things like braised unicorn and peacock. Well, okay…peacock isn’t fictional. Actually, everything she ate was real except the unicorn. Here’s a list of things she served at a dinner party:

cock-a-leekie soup
quince bread
onion and parsley salad
squirrel pottage
jugged hare in juniper berries
venison sausages
roast stag with acorns
swans in pomegranate glacé
stewed pigeons and hummingbirds
baked eels
mushroom pasties
toasted rice
mashed beetroot
parsnip pie
pickled chard
rose petal pudding
poached pears in red wine
fruit and cheese platter
almond milk
mulberry gin
buttered beer

To which the main character says, “What? No cheesecake?”


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What would that even taste like? LOL!

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I do have a smaller one, but that has pictures on it.

So, I am actually good with the one I showed.

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