For every writer who can never seem to think of the word of what they are trying to get at, we are here for you!

This thread is for the writers who sometimes absentmindedly forgets what the word is for what they trying to explain/describe/state in their stories.

If you have an object or something else in your story that you can remember what the word is, but didn’t think to try Google just yet, come here and gain help.



Unfortunately, this might be lost on me since, I thought of it moments ago. :sweat_smile:

That doesn’t mean you can’t test it out.
With little to no help from Google or whatever search engine you use.

Have fun!


Let’s try this:

I did go to Google, but it wasn’t helping, so, I’m wondering if anyone has anything.

Describing the sounds of a cave collapsing. But it can’t be a long description. Something short and snappy.

Something other than crumble, thud, thundering, and crashing. Something dynamic.

Side note:
Apparently, caves don’t collapse all that often unless done by the human hand or an earthquake, so Google has not been helpful. I did watch a really worrying cave explorer’s video and would not recommend that to anyone with claustrophobia. Caves are not cavernous all the time. They can be as tight a space as under your bed :grimacing:

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Sorry for the late reply:

Did you eventually come up with a word for that yet?

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Well, youve come to the right Cajun for what to start looking into:

Salt domes collapsing. Artificial caves are made when we mine for salt–sometiems when we drill for oul, as well. The problem is that salt is lighter than the bedrock and slooooooowly moves up through the rock and sediment layers until it collapses. Now, since it is welling up through LAND in areas that have WATER, the salt eventually reaches the high water table, dissolves in a slurry and the bubble collapses, causing sinkholes and cave-ins.

Cave-in is a generic term for any subterranean collapse, btw. Cave-ins can be sink holes when the collapse goes all the way to the surface, ad the teem is specifically about losing kand at the surface.

Anyway, what happens is when salt moves the rock out the way, it drags oil deposits with it. Which means we drill through a lot of salt domes, down here, and sometimes water leaks back into the salt, causing a violent and early collapse. Then the oil company is at fault.

But these things dont need man to collapse–they do on their own. Probably any time oil has “come bubbling up to the surface” its due to a dome collapse, whether its salt or or plain just oil.

So, yeah, caves collapse far more than you think, but thats because the cavern is filled with pressurized liquid making its way up and isnt navigable by humans in a more traditionally understood cave…or they have man-made issues and man is causing collapses.

But a “collapse into a slurry” is something to take from this, semi-liquified former-rock.

Another word/phrase:

Mine are when the pullsr that suports the cavern collapses.

They are called rock bursts:

Earthwuakes underground sound like airplanes/helicopters.


To add to this: a lot of older caves with things people want in them become mines, so mining ter.i olgy can be itnerchangable amd increase the linklihood of collapses.


That is actually super helpful, thanks! :grin:

I didn’t think to look for actual incidents in news or anything because Google made it sound like caves very rarely just collapse.

Rock burst is a cool word. Rocks explode…might be a good phrase.

Explode…clatter, maybe?

If a ceiling caved in, just saying “ceiling caved in”, is that dynamic enough?

Idk why I didn’t think of that XD Of course, it is. What if it doesn’t go all the way to the surface? Just a cave-in?

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Getting there.

I think :stuck_out_tongue:

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Jaut a cave in without surface light.

Its more that the matrices inside the rock shatters, so its a rapid cracking of the supoorts without anywhere to go but laterally, so its not a true explosion, but the distinction isnt aomething an inexperienced person would notice becaue it goes everywhere.

Next to look at would be talk abiur controlled demolitions because taking down a skyscraper would be a lot like taking out pillars in a cave.

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Anybody else want to give this thread a go?