Forged by god, wield by man?!


What is a legendary weapon said to be created in your fantasy/science-fiction novel that a deity created that landed in the hands of some random guy or gal?

You can also use this question for another published work that you like, whether it is a novel or something else.




The Sword of Honesty was given to Typhal by Arion, The Shaper, (basically the King God), marking Typhal as the first prophet of Arion. This was especially significant because it was after the great calamity (basically the corruption of the world, to which Arion offered a cure) and Typhal had been chosen to deliver the cure from the corruption to the people.

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OMG! I didn’t think that would work in all honesty!
I was under the impression that nobody here would really have that.

I assume wrong and I am sorry.

Haha, nw!!

Currently, it is in the hands of a random individual. Last, I remember writing about it (which was a minute ago), it’s in the hands of some old carpenter. It was stolen a long time ago from the royal palace and sold, somehow ended up in his family, and was such a beautiful weapon that it became an heirloom of sorts. Now, this dude believes his great, great, great, great grandfather made it. It’s called, irrc, “Swift Bringer” or “Swift Singer”.

Edit: I really like Arthurian legend, couldn’t not have an Excalibur of my own! (Though the name needs work. “Sword of Honesty” isn’t as epic.)

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Is that something you were going for with your story?

Yesss, pulling it from a stone seems a little too on the nose, so “accidentally ending up with powerful sword, forged in myth” sounded like the next best thing. Especially with the themes of ‘fate’ and all that.

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Unfortunately, I don’t have anything like that in my story, so there’s nothing I can really contribute to the discussion. :sweat_smile:

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Uhhh I mean my MCs who end up with said weapons are considered to be Deities

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Other people’s fiction are welcomed too.



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The stones of the Guardians hold great power. They’re not exactly weapons in that you can’t do anything with them physically (though you might be able to chuck them at people’s heads if you wanted to and cause a little bit of an ouch, but that’s not how they’re supposed to be used :stuck_out_tongue:). It might seem like they go to random people, but it’s actually not so random.

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How big are these stones?

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They can fit in your hand or a pendant.

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Forged by God, Wielded by Man, Misused by Media Entertainment Companies.

That is the mead of poetry.

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Creativity is a divine gift that is often misued.

I think watching Blue’s Big City Adventure gave me an existential crisis of some kind.

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Does that happen in your story? A deity creates a weapon that somehow falls into the hands of a mortal being?

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Do hermit crabs count?

Their shells are shards from a godly weapon.

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