💸 Forum Funding Updates 💸

Seeing as we’ve had such a strong outpouring of support over the summer, I’m going to take down the “forum closure” thread! The forum still seems to be doing well, and considering how some certain social media seems on the verge of imploding, I think it’s important to try and keep Wacky around as long as possible! (speaking of which, if you have any bird app mutuals in the writing community looking for a new place to land, please make sure you mention us!)

I’m going to leave this thread up in the place of the forum closure thread so if anyone has questions or wants to make sure we see your donations, you have a place to do that!

Once again, we wouldn’t have been around this long without you all, and we are grateful beyond measure for your support and presence here!

We’re successfully funded through August, and hope to continue seeing you all around for a while to come! Keep an eye out for a new giveaway coming in the next few days; we’re doing a social outreach event and you can win a year-long Galatea subscription courtesy of my authorship through them.

All my love to every one of you wonderful individuals,
CJ :wackywriters:


Y’all, I can’t even tell you how much it means to me (and I’m sure the rest of the team is right behind me, but I can really only speak for myself lol) that you came through for our community in such a big way. I know that what we most love about the Internet is that it’s free, so fundraising for a place like this is tough by design – we’re fully non-profit, no affiliations, barely any ads – especially in this economy, but you keep showing up for us, which is just…idk, pure love, I guess :joy:

There’s no material reward except keeping this community together and I just love that we keep making it work through all the ups and downs. This is going to be a really special Wackiversary :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears: And please keep bringing all your friends so we can keep going strong!!

Much love from Mari :beautifulheart: :coolpineapple:


I asked this before but I’m not sure if it got buried so here it goes again.

Are you interested in sponsorships?
I’m a mod over at Campfire server and I could pitch this forum as a possible advertising space to attract writers. They’re very focused on growing their platform so maybe they’ll be interested?

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Great news!

Do we need to let you know if we donate? I donated last week but realised it will be under my name rather than my username! Hope it reached you.


You only need to tell us you donated if you want to get the Beautiful Heart badge or just want our and Wisp’s extra appreciation. :wink:

Thanks for the donation! :purple_heart:


I’m so so so pleased!! I haven’t been able to donate but I hope we can keep this place going as long as possible <3


That’s so awesome to hear! I’ve been talking about Wacky Writers all over the place.

Haven’t been able to donate recently, but I’m glad it’s going strong!


Letting people know we exist is a good free way to help out! Thanks much! :blush:


This makes me so happy. I am not here often anymore, I just don’t have the time, but I do poke my head in once a while. I wish I could help financially, but I am very broke this year. Still, I’ll share this forum whereever I can! Any other ways I can help support WW? I know this place was a saving grace to those of us displaced by Wattpad, and I’ll be forever grateful this forum exists.

Also, does your Discord group still exist?


We’re still on Discord, but it’s mostly for if the forum ever goes down for any reason. You sharing us is a great help! Keep stopping by when you have a chance!


We were discussing this, but how exactly would you envision it? I don’t know Campfire or what they do, I’ve only seen it’s a writing software. Do they have a community of their own we could clash with? Feel free to shoot us a message with more details if you want. I don’t think we’d be opposed to it, as long as it’s mutually beneficial and not a problematic association :thinking:

(cc @CJtheSiteWizard)

I’d like to start with stating that I didn’t run this by them yet so I don’t know if they’re interested.
I don’t know if they consider this community large enough to invest in but I can pitch it as a community that a lot of Wattpad refugees adopted. Maybe that would help?

More background about Campfire.

Campfire Write is a software for writing but most of all for organizing your projects. It’s fully customizable and pretty awesome. Not only writers use it. It’s gaining traction with tabletop community as an alternative to WorldAnvil.

Pricing of Campfire Write

There’s a free tier. No time limit. You get to try every feature. You’re just limited in how many elements you can create.
The paid modules are cheap if you just subscribe monthly, expensive if you purchase a lifetime subscription.
Totally worth it though. I got all of them over time.

Exciting news - publishing on Explore

They opened a publishing platform called Explore. Every Campfire Write user has the ability to publish their projects online. Submissions are screened for some basics so it’s not like Wattpad in that regard. But once your project is published, you don’t have to get approval for updates, etc.

The cool and unique thing about Explore is that you get a chance to share with your readers not just a manuscript but also your character profiles, locations, worldbuilding and anything you want. Everything you create in Campfire Write, you can choose to share in Explore. You’re in control of how much or how little.

Explore has been a baby platform so far with limited readerbase since mostly only CF users know of it. It’s also not optimized for reader experience as of right now.

Here’s where the exciting news comes in.

They’re getting ready to release a major overhaul of Explore and plan to release a reader app too. I got a sneak peek at the phone app (user testing and feedback) and it looks pretty awesome. Kinda like a cross between Wattpad and Kindle.

I haven’t seen yet what the proposed new web app for desktop will look like aside from some mockups they’ve shared of the new project landing page, but I’m very excited about the changes.

The most important part is that along with the release of the fully revamped Explore, they also want to get the monetization project off the ground this year. They already announced that they’re accepting submissions (deadline is end of August. I’m scrambling to get a project ready. I’d love to be in the first batch).
So this year already there will be opportunities to get paid on the platform. Yay.

Here’s where Wackies comes in.

After they release the revamped Explore and set up the first batch of monetization, they will aggressively launch an advertising campaign to spread the word of their shiny new platform. So that’s why I thought they might be interested in sponsorship opportunities.

They have a growing Discord community as their user base grows. There are new members every day and active conversations.

They revamped their entire Discord recently too. They hired a community manager and started all sorts of community events. It’s quite an overwhelming time to be a mod actually. :sweat_smile: Lots happening.

My unrealistic wish

In an ideal world, I would love it if the two communities merged. I think CF could use a long-form forum. Discord isn’t an ideal tool for longer posts and writers get verbose. :joy: And Wackies could use the influx of the new users that CF is getting. And money, clearly.

But that’s a different story altogether.
Let’s focus on the sponsorship first.

So, interested?

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I mean, it sounds like we’re not in direct competition, just how we’re not competing with Wattpad or Tapas, so this could definitely be a place for Campfire users as well. And I know lots of our community members are looking for Wattpad alternatives. I’ll run it by CJ and the team and see what we come up with. Thank you for all the details!

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I see we haven’t quite hit the September goal yet, but I donated $10. I just wanted to say thank you for this place and creating it when so many people were displaced from Wattpad. And to the mods who keep it running. :heart: I am not here all the time but when I am, it feels like coming home.


Thank you! Any help is much appreciated, whether monetary or just word of mouth. We really do appreciate you all!


Is the site still staying?

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We’re still up and running! :muscle: Survival is the name of the game!


Thank goodness :sob:

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Hey everybody,

We’re back to being unable to pay for forum costs this month. If you’ve enjoyed using the forum and want to help keep us running, we’d appreciate any donations y’all can spare this month!

Hope you all had a great holiday and a happy new year!

:heart: CJ


I want to, but gofundme is erroring on me :sweat_smile: It says I have to verify my information and that there’s an error. I tried from my phone, from other browsers…and nothing is working. Sigh.

Update: so, apparently, I have to update my bank information (which is still connected to my old, old phone number from a decade ago :sweat_smile: ) Well, now I know what I’m doing tomorrow.