Foxwood's Premades | Wacky Edition

Hi, Wackies! I have a premade shop now :stuck_out_tongue: Since joining Wacky Writer’s I’ve been making lots of covers, but now they need homes! That’s where you come in. You get to keep one of these.

To read… this article I wrote about 11 remedies to get back into writing. Let me know if you’ve done any of these, what your experiences have been like, and if you have any remedies you would like to add :wink: If you have nothing to say, how about some feedback on my website?

I help you with your cover, you help me with my website. Win-win.

Premade Name:
Your Title:
Your Author Name:
Any tagline or subtitle:

If you don’t have a tagline or subtitle and the premade does, don’t fret, I’ll delete it and adjust everything so it looks nice.

Example Form

Premade Name: Touch the Sky
Your Title: Witch’s Stone
Your Author Name: K. R. Jowling
Tagline: The girl who lived.
Subtitle: Perry Hawthorn Series Book One


  • Only order the premades listed. I do not make custom covers at the moment.

  • For Wattpad only.

  • Book does not have to be posted, but please message me on Wattpad when you use the cover.

  • Please credit me as “Cover made by TheTigerWriter” in your book’s description.

  • You can do a bulk order if you want.

  • Password: wisp&fox

About the covers

  • Photos are Stock Photos
  • Fonts are those available on photo editing site PicMonkey, and ones I have purchased myself
  • Cover size is 512 x 800 for Wattpad
  • Please do not remove my watermark
  • I cannot change people to other people or animals to other animals

If you have questions about changes or anything else, feel free ask! :relaxed: I must reiterate, I am not making custom covers at the moment.





and things

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Dragon Girl, Touch the Sky, and Neptune are my favorite covers on that premades list! They’re so beautiful! :heart_eyes: I’m not here for a premade, just to admire lol!

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Thank you! I made Neptune today :wink: Fresh out of the imagination oven.

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@MiniMoxx long way home makes me think of your story.

Seriously tiger these are all so beautiful. I am absolutely lurking :eyes:


Thanks :grin: I got some new fonts, so probably will have some more premades.

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Ahh these are just beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: amazing work here! I’ll have to put in a form soon.


Kinda wanna go for it, but I’m still on the edge about which story I’m gonna do for ONC :rofl:


Thanks :grin:

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Added a new cover here! A Title of Titles and Darkness.

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What color do we want more of? Pink?


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I tried pink so hard, but I can’t help it. I’m a fox. I like orange.

Bump! Check top posts. More pink added!

What do we want to see more of?



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