free art sketches ❤︎

hi! I’m a small beginner artist, looking for art requests to practice my styles on. I sketch both traditional and digitally! i draw messy/clean sketches, occasionally trying lineart, but mainly headshots and sometimes down till the waist, but generally i’m still only practicing faces :sparkles: drop a request for your oc anytime :wink: i do redraw pictures if i dont like them, so if you see anything off just reply and i might be able to fix it. the examples are the ones updated regularly so ignore the first few requests on here cause it’s old and terrible art

rules ✦
  1. I don’t want any payment, as my art is still not-that-good, but don’t claim it as your own and give credit if you share it!
  2. none of these are for commercial use
  3. be nice :3 and give me some time, i’m still a only procrastinating student in real life, and this thread is only for fun and for practice
  4. if you can, be as detailed in the requests as possible and give references if possible! otherwise, it might spin a little towards what I normally draw
  5. I absolutely suck at animals, head or not, so only request for human OC’s. but of course small features like elf ears or horns/fangs are very cool and taken.
examples ✦

sometimes I do a more chibi/‘cute’ style, so it would be something like this:

and usually it’s this! :

request form ✦
  • art style (cute/normal)
  • inked or not
  • digital or not
  • colored or not (only if request is digital)
  • headshot, what’s the position? front, 3/4 to the right/left?)
  • expression (reference pic would be best, but a description works too!)
  • hairstyle
  • age:
  • gender:
  • any specific extra details (eyeliner, fangs, ect):
  • whatever other things you’d like to add:
  • reference pictures:

reminder that this is for fun and free, so don’t keep your expectations too high! :grin:


I wanna be your first requester! :smiley:

  • art style: realistic
  • headshot or waist up (pose picture would be helpful for waist up): headshot
  • [if headshot, what’s the position? front, 3/4 to the right/left?]: 3/4 facing towards the right
  • [if waist up, is there any uniform/clothing you’d like?]
  • expression: either resting death stare (ice-cold eyes and straight mouth with thin lips) or a very slight smile (closed mouth, corners of thin lips quirked a bit upwards, eyes a bit squinty from the smiling). You can choose whatever you feel like XD
  • hairstyle: short, neat, finger-combed
  • age: 15/16
  • gender: male
  • any specific extra details (eyeliner, fangs, ect): if you plan to include a bit of the area around the neck, he likes wearing scarves. He also tends to wear shirts that have short sleeves or long sleeves.
  • whatever other things you’d like to add: his eyes are almond-shaped, he has a slender and straight nose, his face shape is oval, and he has sharp features. Oh, and I’m sure I’ve mentioned this, but thin lips :joy:
  • reference pictures: here you go :suggestive:
    his face is a mashup of the two faces below lol

    and his eye claim
    and some hairstyle references
  • art style: realistic, but if it’s easier for you, I also don’t mind him drawn in chibi/cute style haha
  • headshot or waist up (pose picture would be helpful for waist up): waist up
  • [if headshot, what’s the position? front, 3/4 to the right/left?)
  • [if waist up, is there any uniform/clothing you’d like?] plain white long-sleeved sweater. Dark blue/black jeans if you want to draw his pants.
  • expression: serious. mouth closed or slightly open.
  • hairstyle: short, a tad messy, windswept, generally finger-combed
  • age: 23/24
  • gender: male
  • any specific extra details (eyeliner, fangs, ect): he has a sword. may or may not be a bastard sword :suggestive:
  • whatever other things you’d like to add: he has a triangle/diamond face shape (not sure which lol) and narrow, innocent eyes. His lips are a bit plump and are plumper in the middle. His nose is small. He also has sharp features.
  • reference pictures: here ya go :suggestive:
    face refs. yes. he does look like Lucky Blue Smith but that is unintentional :joy: :sob: the first pic can serve as his “innocent look” reference and the second pic can be his “serious face” reference :rofl:


hairstyle refs

clothing refs


sword refs can’t believe I gave him a bastard sword lol

and this sword ref has a human for scale

and some pose refs!


Thank you for considering! Enjoy drawing Rich French Kid :tm: and Bloodthirsty Floofball :smirk:

Also @Yanna here’s Cat’s art thread where you can request :smiley:

EDIT: @authorsueawad you can request here too :partying_face:

EDIT 2: @SayWatt I know you also like free OC art so here’s another free art thread!

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I LOVE HIM SO MUCH, THANK YOU :pleading_face:

Maybe you can make his chin and jawline less pointy and a bit rounder but EVERYTHING ELSE IS PERFECT :heart_eyes:

EDIT: And maybe make the ears less pointy too? Sorry for not telling you earlier >.<

ooo yes, sending a req x

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I LOVE THESE :heart_eyes:

and floofy hair boi looks so cute :pleading_face: he is a baby after all, bloodthirsty baby :relieved:

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


art style (cute/normal): cute
inked or not: i prefer inked but like, a sketch would also be good, idm ^^
headshot or waist up: waist up!



Desc: Maid outfit with bow on the back & white stockings (black heels or black flat shoes)

kind of a ref for the entire outfit? hehe


expression ref

Facial expression:

hairstyle: Shoulder length, bushy double pigtails (both sides of head). Big white bows on pigtails. Side bangs & straight bangs.

hair ref

age: 19
gender: female

any specific extra details (eyeliner, fangs, ect): She has freckles.

freckles ref

Skin/Blemishes: Freckles

reference pictures: you can find some extra info and some colors in this google document where there is some pages of info about her ^^

here’s some poses

cute pose

hi! i noticed you had stocking references and full body poses, do you mind if I make it a whole body shot? thanks for requesting, by the way :wink:

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omg!!! these are amazing, thanks so much :revolving_hearts: :beautifulheart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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would it be okay to add this image to my toyhouse? :slight_smile:

of course! just remember to credit my account :wink:

Alright! Would you like me to credit your wacky writers account or any other social media?

just this account would be great, thank you!

Done!! thank you so much again :you_are_amazing:

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You make it sound like I’m a skimp :triumph:

Heading to work so don’t have access to references but Cat your art is absolutely amazing with.

I didn’t intend to make it sound that way :joy:

I helped her out with creating the thread btw! It’s been fun :grin: she posted some of the sketches in her corner on DL too ^^;;

pfft xD not that good, but thank you sm!! <3


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:pleading_face: aww, thank you so much!

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I read your rules, and I just have to ask before deciding if this is the best place to request character art or not, but are you able to do wings? I ask this because I have a character who refuses to get himself sketched if his wings aren’t shown. However, he’s willing to compromise with only having the top of his wings shown.

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