Free Character Art!

Hey guys! I’m back, and I feel like drawing some characters after many months off from drawing. I’m just drawing busts.

Please fill out the following form:

Face Structure:
Hair color and style:
Skin color:
Upper clothing:
Facial Expression:
Link to the story the characer’s in (if any):

No payment needed.
Example of my art

As you can see already, I don’t have a drawing style since I draw as a hobby with no seriousness. BUT if you prefer a certain art style (like anime, americanized, cartoon), please let me know. I’ll might be able to draw it :smiley:


Name: Alma
Gender: male
Face Structure: angular features, Romanesque nose shape, sharp jawline, defined cheek bones, deep set, expressive, large, blue eyes with silver striations, larger lower lip than upper lip, has dimples
Piercings: none
Hair color and style: blond, parted to one side, wavy, medium-short length
Skin color: fair skinned
Height: 6’2
Upper clothing: usually more formal attire with neutral or muted cool colors, feel free to throw some sci-fi inspired style in if you so choose
Accessories: (optional) a wire/electric cable coming from the back of his neck
Facial Expression: curious
Personality: incredibly curious, intelligent, socially and emotionally challenged, compassionate, insecure, spiteful, protective, gentle, naive, polite, passive aggressive, formal/professional, and very anxious.

Link to the story the characer’s in (if any): currently no link (I took the first draft down to start working on the second draft, which is still a WIP)

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how much would you say he weigh?

Just out of curiosity, do you have any examples that I can check out? :smiley:

Here’s one i made a year or two years ago. Idk if i’m better now since I haven’t been drawing for months now ;,)

He’s got a lean athletic build, like a swimmer or dancer, so if I had to guess, I’d say between 150 and 165 lbs.

Can you use the form I provided above? that’d be really helpful! :smiley:

I… Did? I was just answering an additional question you asked me about him that wasn’t on the form… But I already filled the form out.

whoops my bad! I see it

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Lol, no worries.

Name: Freyja Mendel
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Nationality: Israeli
Face Structure: strong bones, clean lines, gentle curves
Body type: Athletic / muscular
Piercings: None
Hair: Long dark hair in a pony tail
Skin colour: Olive
Eyes: Emerald with neon-green streaks
Height 165cm (5’4")
Upper clothing: Tailored buttoned shirt or an oversized Australian Army jumper (your choice)
Accessories: Hand-made Sterling silver necklace with reef-knot links (a gift in a later chapter, Freyja’s never seen without it)
Facial Expression: Friendly smile
Personality: Shy, timid, hyper-intelligent yet naïve, polite and devoted to her companions
(Wattpad) Story Link: Goddess v2.0 Only three chapters uploaded so far.

Reference Pics

^Freyja’s necklace

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Here’s Alma!! I enjoyed drawing him :D. I have to admit though, my drawing skills have gotten better despite not practicing for almost a year. I guess staring at great art did something. . .?


Btw i love the way you draw!!!


Thank you! I’ll submit mine in a few moments! :smiley:

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@carcoleghoast If you wanna draw Sparkie, here’s some details:

Name: Sparkie
Gender: Male
Face Structure: Well-defined cheekbones, diamond/rectangle shape. Masculine.
Piercings: Has a gold earring piercing in his left ear.
Hair color and style: Dark, short and spiky. (Put it under the references as well).
Skin color: See references.
Height: 5’10, 5’9, average height.
Upper clothing: Sparkie will be wearing a white vest top.
Accessories: A chain.
Facial Expression: Usually stoic, or else has a bit of a glare. Not very expressive.
Personality: Short tempered, logical, active. Smart and good with technology. Very combative, but loyal, protective, and kind to his family/friends.

Images are kinda big so I hid them under here:

This is the basic idea, for skin and facial expression and structure:

The first two are sims, but if you want a human reference (I tried with these, they are cropped because I couldn’t find any good singular picture of him but I hope you get the idea):

Hair reference closer:

Screenshot at Dec 27 21-15-18

Link to the story the characters’s in (if any): Not posted it yet.

Omg, you did amazing, he looks lovely! Thank you so much! :heart:

Name: Crow
Gender: Male
Face Structure: Mid 30’s and Middle Eastern. Angular facial features. Eyes are solid white
Piercings: None
Hair color and style: Shoulder length and very messy (Literally hasn’t been brushed in a few centuries). Hair color is black with lots of gray hairs. Has a thin, scruffy beard.
Skin color: Dark tan
Height: 5’8"
Upper clothing: Wears a black hooded cloak over more traditional Mesopotamian clothes
Accessories: Wears shackles on his wrists, and has a brand on his lower left arm, and is usually covered in crows
Facial Expression: (Note: His eyes are solid white.) tired and frowny
Personality: Aloof, eccentric, agoraphobic, touch-adverse, vengeful, can be blunt and snappy, commands a flock of thousands of crows


(that’s meant to be a crow on his head lol)

Link to the story the characer’s in (if any): Link Though he hasn’t shown up in it yet

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What’s his age?

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In the story? 28. We will go with that. Late 20s.

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