Funny and mildly amusing videos

What are your go-to videos when you need a good laugh?

Post your all-time favorites, new stuff you’ve found, whatever… as long as it made you laugh.

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I think about this video sometimes. Always makes me smile:

Good one. I remember the original video.

This one is ancient but never fails to make me laugh.
(Warning: There are a few swear words)

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That guy is having quite the day :joy:

Let’s just get these classics out of the way.

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I’ve seen this before but still laughed my a** off. Then I watched it in slow-motion and almost died. :ragejoy:

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I wonder what that poor man did to deserve that? :anguished:

Welcome to the community, by the way!

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Nothing :joy:

Thank you!

To laugh, I’ve got to be caught off guard. For amusement, it’s a lot simpler.

I don’t mind Tosh, but I’m more likely to go with Craig Furguesson if I have to go with deranged. And no, I don’t remember what’s on all of this. I just know he’s got an inner leprechaun or something.

I watch Red Dwarf. The first Polymorph episode is what we often introduce people to the series with.

…you know, the more I look at this, the more I get why I both have extremely subtle humor and hit you over the head with a ballpean hammer humor. It’s what comes out of England as a whole. Hell, I grew up on Monty Python.

I either go to funny animal videos (specifically cat ones lol), even some Simon’s Cat videos will put a good smile on my face, or I’ll watch Markiplier or Jacksepticeye play video games. I prefer story-time games, so some of my go-tos would be…

Alien: Isolation

Until Dawn

Or the Forest…

I also love watching Swoozie and Odd1sOut, so some of my favorites from them are…

…or any of the other Confessions of a Disney Employee stories…

And then I’ll also watch some random skits of stand-up comedies. Some of my favorites are:

Oh, and I’ll also watch Conan skits, too.

I love Tim. Poor guy had an act where he was extremely angry at the way those of the faith behave, and it wasn’t funny for like the first 10 minutes because he had what we call a “righteous anger”. It’s seething is indignation about people being less than they should be. But he did shift into the humor of it all.

And it was over things that correlate to why Christ threw out the money changers: specifically people who plaster their religion all over their business but aren’t offering their best services to their customers, along the lines of: “If I’m calling a plumber in, I’m not caring about his faith, I’m caring about if he can unplug a toilet. Perhaps you should leave off the labels showing that you’re Christians and let people figure it out from the ethics of your business practices.”

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I just love how Tim Curry is barely keeping a straight face while saying this