Gamers who are also readers and/or writers...ANSWER THIS!!!

Which game (whether card or console or pc or mobile) has an amazing story/plot, characters, and worldbuilding?

The type of story/plot, characters, and even worldbuilding that could make a killing in as a novel/comic book/manga/webtoon series.

What do you think???
Thoughts and feelings, overall?

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Honestly, making this thread makes me realize that I TRULY miss playing video games like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, and games like that.

I was heavily into Super Mario then I played Sonic games and dabbled in The Legend of Zelda with just one game.

Still, I enjoyed gaming and wish I didn’t stop gaming.

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Some of these game already have a decent novel / fiction lore, but here’s my list anyway…

The Fallout series up to Fallout New Vegas or Fallout 4
Mass Effect 1 & 2
The Halo series
Dragon Age Origins
Interstate '76 (old game)
Betrayal at Krondor (old game)
Borderlands series (maybe)
Deus Ex series
Trek to Yomi
GTA Vice City & GTA San Andres (original)
Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords
Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2
Battle Tech

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360 or Xbox1 is more what I work with, Oblivion, Skyrim, Fable.

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SOMA is a PC sci-fi horror game I would love to see a movie adaptation of. It’s unlikely it will ever happen, but I can dream. The Outlast games would also make great horror movies. And Medium. And Until Dawn… I like a lot of survival horror games.


The Legend of Zelda uvu a lot of the games have been adapted into mangas already!

Sally Face would make a decent book imo.

Life is Strange
Until Dawn
Detroit: Become Human
ummm, I enjoyed Aralon Sword and Shadow although it wasn’t anywhere near as expansive as console games like Zelda or Dark Souls, it was really good for a free mobile game and it had plot. Admittedly I added some plot myself when I found out you could convince certain npcs to join your party… and then found out they could die. r.i.p. Arik and Schmendrick the Great


I’ve always wanted to see an adaptation of the Gameboy/NDS game Golden Sun franchise. I remember being so fascinated with the story and its rich world that I tried to adapt it into a novel myself but never made it past the prologue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But the game inspired me to write fantasy stories and one day I’m hoping to adapt it into a novel if it hasn’t already been done yet.

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The Elder Scrolls, namely Morrowind. There’s a lot to cover in the world, characters, lore, etc. As a franchise it has, by far, the deepest and most complex lore out there (but most people just play Skyrim and think there’s not much to it), so it would make an amazing show or something.


My partner did this game:

Elden Ring

Sounded like it had a lot of stuff going on in it.


I feel that Star Wars: The Old Republic has a good story plot. Along with a steadily decreasing/increasing World of Warcraft, and from what I’ve heard, Hogwarts Legacy has a good story plot. :smiley:

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Mario Party Superstars. The way my partner betrayed me by pulling those stars out of his arse at the end :cry: sometimes the villain does win I suppose.


My entire Rimworld playthrough.

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I love the Souls series, Sekiro, Elden Ring…pretty much anything From puts out there. The lore goes so deep and it’s so much fun to discover it all and it makes the bosses so much more fun to fight if you know the story behind them (Artorias especially). Hollow Knight has an amazing story and world. And The Last of Us of course.

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Oh well…

As a long time gamer (Super Mario Bro’s way back in 1985), and following a trend of games and consoles through the ages, I guess I have some great titles which could be done well as a Book/Novel/One Off Story etc…
But for Game to Story in written form… I’d go for something like Doom for a “Demonic Sci-Fi” (I have a Doom inspired tale set upon Mars, without the Demonic Invasion and the Slayer). I also have a Legend of Zelda inspired story in the works based upon the world falling into darkness amidst a war of the Gods for utter domination and rule of the world.
Yet there are many games which could, and would make great stories. I have found that the Mass Effect Trilogy to be very enduring, and emotionally diverse. It is a series which I have very fond memories of over the years, and I find myself digging it out from time to time just to connect with wonderfully devised characters which play some great parts.
However there have been many Fan Fic’s of the games that I have mentioned here, and even now I have came across a Witcher Fan Fic… Yeah, I love that game, but I will speak nothing more of it… It is poor fare…

So yeah, there are many great game which could, and probably should be taken into the realm of books…

But, Video Games are a medium of their own. And as such, the art of what the Dev’s do to create those great games is it’s own magical art, as is writing… Take The Legend of Zelda:- Breath of the Wild for example… That game is pure art, it really is… The huge open world is full of many things that make you immersed in a way that other games do not…
While it has not the realistic graphics of some such game as Horizon Zero Dawn, it has a beauty that goes beyond that realism… Water for example (If you have played it) has a realistic sheen to it as the sun reflects upon it, and the depth of the water in ponds has a depth balanced hue… Stunning to observe, it really is… And all this detail from a game which has a very cartoony art style. The game feels like your playing the “Best Cartoon ever”…
Movies just look to CGI too much these days, and while it has a place alongside games, it is over used for the most part… Like going for reality over a stylised graphical look for a game…

I’d like to see some of my tales in a movie form, and at times I see them in my mind, but at what cost of my imagination will the need for the “Money bringer” corrupt the art?

And, at times I feel that there is more thought and direction that goes into a game than that of a movie or book…


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Alien: Isolation, though it doesn’t quite count as it’s all based off the movie franchise lol.

Otherwise, I’m gonna go with Sea of Thieves. Absolutely adore this video game.

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I’ve never played it, but I’ve done enough research to find myself invested in the story arc - I’d say Mass Effect.

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