Give me some what-if scenarios that are possible in your story? Let's chat, everybody!

If the Lord of the Dragon’s Essingvaux does not return from his Drake Sleep (Which could last many thousands of years) the Drakes of Undermount may choose to side with Temulkar, and that would be extremely bad for Arillion, fires would consume the lands and a world of ash would be left behind. Only the Dragons would prosper in such a world…

What is The Endurlon? Well apart from being the title of this tale, it is known by the Elves (Endurlon in their tongue means Day of Choice/Decision) as the day that all Arillion will need to unite. The unity of all races, all creatures, and a hope… A hope that the one who ordained it should return… Essingvaux.

For it was Essingvaux that spoke first of it. After the defeat of Temulkar’s first war against the Dwarves of Mundhlor… Essingvaux spoke of a time to come. A time of all consuming war. A time when the free peoples of Arillion would have a need to put aside their differences and unite as they once did during the long watch upon the heights of the Southern Range of The Erringrim where lies the Fortress of Astiol… Temulkar’s Stronghold.

Should the Sorcerer’s return, then his voice would be heard in all the lands once more… And The Endurlon would begin…

Oh… And Batman? I cannot say, for I know him, which puts me in danger if I name him. Sorry! :slight_smile:


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My whole premise for writing werewolf stuff is: what if the Goddess isn’t giving you a soul mate at all?


I suppose I am free to choose or not choose at all?

AI? Artificial Intelligence?

What is Dr. Graves true goal? What he hope to (if he hasn’t) accomplish with the singularity? How often does he use torture on human live in his experimentations?

Was Alma once a flesh and blood being who got into a freak-ish accident or something else? On Alma and Dr. Graves relationship, how did they even meet each other and what caused them to face?

Is Alma a cyborg or an android? What made you want to not explore the contours of space where mankind could have dwell on earth-like planets?

Am I asking you too many weird ass questions, by the way?

Not exactly. There’s stull a mate compulsion, and i5 can be reinforced if the goddess is mad enough about it, but knowing it doesnt have to be real allows peiple to clinnically reject the situation.

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Oh wow!

So, what is the real reason for AI being created? What was happening to the planet that people had to create it in order top preserve humanity?

Was there no other option for it or things weren’t thought through enough?

Gosh! I want to say something akin to Terminator, but that isn’t even remotely close to what that is? So, in terms of films or tv shows or published books, is your story a tiny bit similar to any of these things? I am just a bit curious to know.

Also, backtracking a bit, would could have prevented the creation of AI starting WW3? Forgive me if that sounds silly? I didn’t know how to word it.

I have a few.

  1. What if Tara hadnt been able to bring the villain back?
  2. What if Amneris had stayed dead after her essance bomb which everyone thought would kill her? (That wouldve ended the series at book 2)
  3. What if Xix had never taken on her powers or met her half brother and sister?
  4. What if the Gods actually did a proper intervention?
  5. What if Amneris never got raised and became immortal?
  6. What if the roles of the God Worlds were reversed? (Aka book 9)
  7. What if Amneris never formed her Court? (Aka book 9)

I have a few more but those are my favs


Dr. Graves helped to create Alma, who is an A.I. in a genetically engineered body. His goal is to recreate singularity in other synthetics like Alma, because it was an accident the first time (in Alma). He wants to use synthetics with singularity to serve mankind (basically he wants to exert power and control over someone, and he could legally get away with it using synthetics instead of humans).

Alma was never human, he’s always been the inverse of a cyborg. Cyborgs are human minds with robot parts, where Alma is more like a robot mind with human parts. He met Dr. Graves because Dr. Graves helped to create him, but when he was fired from the project for unethical ideas concerning synthetics, he wanted revenge, so he kidnapped Alma to try and create more synthetics like him, with singularity, so he can steal credit, basically. Other synthetics aren’t guaranteed to be like Alma and singularity happens at random, but if Dr. Graves can force singularity to happen, he can take credit for the scientific descovery.

Alma is sort of something in between an android and a cyborg. I want to explore space with him, so I can play with alien life and new worlds, but it wasn’t integral to the story until I decided to change it from my first draft. It could have been a different story if I had decided to keep him in an Earth bound universe. That’s what I’m curious to think about what my book would be like if I changed that, but ultimately, I want to stick with the new worlds in space concept so I can introduce alien life and more conflict that way.

Questions are good :blush:


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Hey, everyone, don’t be afraid to ask each questions on each other’s what-if questions! We can make it a chat and I don’t want to be the only one to spark a conversation.

You can also ask me things about my what-if questions and we can go more than once with posting what-if question scenarios.

Just wanted to let you guys know.


The AI responsible for the ASC was created as part of an experiment to create a “perfect, corruption-less government”, it’s creation was done in secret by a group of engineers and scientists who dreamed of a world where AI would govern

It just so happened that a few hundred years later, the AI realized that if it didn’t take over the world (They were one of 3 automatic states by this point, rest of the governments are still manual), humanity was dooming itself

I mean, the ASC spies are referred to as “Terminators” in reference to the movies because that’s what they are, they hide as humans, but instead of killing people, they mostly gather information

The AI is designed to do whatever it takes to defend it’s existence and protect it’s people and humanity as a whole. For the AI, once the calculation of humans destroying themselves if AI remains stationary, it was impossible for the AI to not do something. Peaceful discussion at the UN was attempted and it failed, so…

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  • What if Thorn never betrayed Pinti?
  • What if the Kaunlutha (lionkind) never left the feline union?
  • What if the Kaunlutha princess knew about the feline union? (honestly, if she knew, she wouldn’t have let what happened to the Kattalunae happen. She would have dove in to save them.)
  • What if Pinti never destroyed Bloodstone wall?

Note: Now there is a feline union. That’s what I’m calling it for now. All the feline bipeds once had a union to help each other. Then they had a falling-out. Quite natural. Everyone just stopped caring about a union, focusing more on themselves.


How did Thorn betray Pinti?
What did destroying Bloodstone wall achieve?


Why caused Thorn to betray Pinti in the first place? Why was Thorn’s motivation in doing that stunt? Can Pintit ever forgive the betrayal and rekindle whatever friendship or closeness they had or it’s too late for that?

Did the Kaunlutha princess turn her back on her people or was it something else that prevented her from helping her kind?

What is the bloodstone wall and why Pinti destroying it is a possible bad thing?


He let his comrade attack her friends, nearly killing them, and did nothing to stop. Then he left without helping.

It freed the Kattaluna from Bloodstone (a poisonous wall that corralled the Kattaluna race into one place) but it also angered the Ilvagis (the shapeshifting shadow beasts who control the Kattalunae and created the wall)

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Well…it’s complicated :stuck_out_tongue: It’s to do with an ancient prophecy, Thorn’s personal duty (that no one will find out about), and Pinti’s unknown fate. You see, he had to make her hate him because if she feels like her entire race is threatened, her magick will activate. It’s kind of how her type of magick works. There was probably a better way to do it, but he couldn’t think of any other way.

They will never be friends again, sadly.

The Kaunlutha princess didn’t even know anything about the feline union. This was something that her grandfather would have known. But her grandfather was selfish, so I can definitely see him turning away from the feline union to focus on making his species stronger.

After the grandfather lost in battle against the Guardians of Elgana, the Humans saw this dying species and stepped in to help. They created a sanctuary and put all the Kaunlutha in there. The Kaunlutha were able to keep their culture and everything and never have to worry about outside forces. Since the grandfather’s time of history was a bit hush hush, the princess (Sovanna) would never have learned about a feline union. She didn’t even know other feline bipeds existed.

In her story, Sovanna was dealing with her own family and trying to save her species from a frost curse.

It was a poisonous wall created by the shapeshifting shadow beasts, the Ilvagis (Thorn’s race), to corral the Kattaluna in one place. Destroying it meant it would free the Kattalunae but also anger the Ilvagis.

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