Give me some what-if scenarios that are possible in your story? Let's chat, everybody!

In every story, whether it is your own or someone else, there are possible what-if questions and scenarios that could have happened and changed the entirety of the story. So, tell me, what are the ones in your own stories? Do you have any?

I wanna chat about it in depth. I want to know what your what-if question scenarios are and more. I can ask you about your own and you can ask somethings about mine.


My Turn:

In my story that I still haven’t gotten to yet, I have a few what-if question scenario for my story that fill my mind a bit.

Here they are:

  1. What-if Renna’s mother never met her father and her father ended up marrying his lord’s eldest daughter?
  2. What-if Renna hatred towards the gods is misguided because of her divine mother and her possible ignorance?
  3. What-if Renna wasn’t reborn as the Sovereign’s daughter, but instead never died in the war?
  4. What-if the war that claimed Renna’s life and turned her people into the beings that the world fears and hates, only happened because of Renna’s ties to her mother, Nirvana?
  5. What-if Isilynor (Renna reborn) became the Sovereign and decided to in the end break the system?

What about you guys?


Come gather around, friends!


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What if Essingvaux, Lord of the Dragons does not return? Will the Endurlon be fulfilled? Have the peoples of Arillion prepared for nothing? And will Temulkar succeed in total dominance over all the realms of Arillion?

But most of all… Just who is Batman? It can’t be the wimpy, and a total wet lettuce Bruce Wayne… Can it???


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What will happen if the Lord of Dragons doesn’t return?

Is Endurion like some prophecy or something else?

Obviously, Batman is the butler that serves Bruce Wayne! Duh! Everyone knows the butler did it!

:roll_eyes: :rofl:

My book takes place over the course of one night, as a condemned prisoner tells his life story to a friar while awaiting the guillotine. If the nearby volcano didn’t erupt that night, he’d go to his death first thing in the morning, but since it does erupt, burying the entire city under tons of ash, he’s able to escape from the tower and go on to star in the next book. (>‿◠):v:

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Yeah, it’s a very good thing that the volcano decided to be a good friend, right?

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You said it! ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )

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What if Mateo and Pissy shut up and let me write what I wanted to write? :smiley:


Do they eventually allow that to happen for you? LOL!

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Pissy is annoyed I wont write about him and Mateo keeps telling me write about me, pls CHURRO PLS

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If the ASC hadn’t started WW3, humanity would have probably gone extinct much earlier


Oh my gosh! Hello there! It’s been a while, friend!

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Hi hi. Yeah, it’s been a WHILE, hadn’t been very active on the internet lol

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Seems to be in a pickle, my friend!

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Oh wow! I hope you are doing okay!
I left this place for a few months then came back some days ago!

Not a long hiatus, but it went on a bit of a break.
So, I am back and also welcome back to you!

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Yes I’m doing okay, just started to feel the internet was boring :3

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Yeah, that can happen. The internet doesn’t feel the same as it did years ago sometimes.

Back to your what-if question, what does ASC stand for and why was is it in a sense a bit necessary for WW3 to start? What problems arise from the WW3’s aftermath? What changed and/or stayed the same for humanity around and after the third world war?

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Automatic State of Chile

WW3 was started by AI as a means of global self-preservation (“Humanity governing itself leads to it being a threat to us, nature, and their own”) but they never intended to destroy the human race but to PROTECT it, by destroying every other government and establishing AI governments everywhere

They lost, but they were able to remain as a governing body, however, part of the treaty of peace involved forced enviromentalism on all countries, so that helped


For my story, the ‘what ifs’ that come to mind are:

  1. What if Alma didn’t have technological singularity? Would synthetics have still been produced and what sort of story would I write in the same universe if he wasn’t the main character?
  2. What if he was the only synthetic that ever had singularity? He would be alone as the only one of his kind who could feel and think for himself. What would that lead him to do?
  3. What if the world in my book was less dystopian and the horizon project wasn’t needed to save the human race from themselves? What story would unfold on earth instead of in the stars?
  4. What if Dr. Graves wasn’t… Well… The way he is, and what if he didn’t torture Alma and try to find a way to replicate his singularity and control it? Would Alma have the same trust issues? Who or what would be the antagonist/conflict in the story then?
  5. What if Dr. Graves succeeded in replicating technological singlularity and was able to create more synthetics that could think and feel for themselves? Would they still be marketed like he wanted, or would the project be shut down?