Giving gifts or Receiving gifts? Which does your character rather do?

For Christmas time, I thought I make a thread for all of you on this site.
So, I want you to think about the characters who enjoy getting presents/gifts, but not so much giving gifts versus your characters who love giving presents/gifts to those they love and care about.

Do you have a character like that or no? Or do you have a character who is both a gift giver and gift receiver?

Thoughts and feelings?


By gifts, do you mean food?



It could be food or items/objects, anything in general that can be seen a gift to give or get.

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I largely don’t address it.


I mean, it can be for anything, nothing holiday related.

Like your character like giving or getting gifts for their birthday or just as a kind gesture.

Make of that as you will.

I generally hold that male werewolves feed their mates–and that the traditions vary from pack to pack.

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Ooh! Sounds intriguing!
I am curious what each pack does different in terms of tradition.

Well, for Old Soul, it was actually the FL who came in and took the weaker and younger members of a northern pack frogging, allowing a weaker female to feed her male, which surprised him, because it was a role reversal. They basically treated it like an informal proposal. Another, a child cooked for his mother who wasn’t well.

In Memoirs of a Luna, it comes up because the Luna took over cooking in the kitchen right after the official announcement for dissolving the Omega position came through, and for various reason the MC wasn’t in the mood to eat, but it made for a bad pack impression on the negative connotations of what Omegas are in these stories (so he’s pushing her to eat from his own hand holding the first bit, publicly, due to smoothing out pack issues, and setting the tone of his leadership).

The internal reason why it pops up in variation is because they burn mass when shifting, and need to keep their calorie counts up.

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So, it’s more along the lines of traditional feast and serving the feast to others, right?

In the beginning, my mc would love both giving and getting gifts. People need to give gifts as much as they need to get them, since everyone needs to feel that he has something to offer others. But then a tragedy happens, and he becomes selfish and worried about dying without experiencing every possible pleasure first. So after that he only cares about receiving gifts. But at the end of the book he’s learned that living a self-centered life is not the way to go, and he makes the ultimate sacrifice for someone he loves and becomes a decent human being again. (ღ˘ᴗ˘ღ)

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My short story All RAMs, Great and Small is about Freyja buying a customised RAM1500* as a surprise gift for Dov, and also for Krista…the RAM’s supercharger is painted in Krista’s favourite color…

Anyway, most of my characters prefer to give gifts than receive them.** However, those characters are overly grateful for any gifts they receive, especially if the gift has a personal attachment / relation to the giver.

For example, (in a chapter yet to be written) on the evening of their first orchestra outing, Dov presents Freyja with a sterling silver necklace with Viking-pattern links. Dov made the necklace back in Australia, when he experimented with silver jewellery smithing (PTSD therapy). While Dov was unpacking his possessions in his new room, he noticed the necklace was Freyja’s favourite piece. So Dov decided the necklace would be Freyja’s reward for her devotion and achievements. When Dov placed the necklace around Freyja’s neck, it stayed there (she’s never seen without the necklace).

*A 'small' token of Freyja's appreciation

Edit: Found a better picture.

**I fear you have burdened me with a debt I can never hope to repay ~ Master and Commander.

**The Hebrew word for gratitude is the same as confession. A true expression of gratitude always involves a confession. And in this we confess to you; we have no right to expect such a gift. So please allow us to express our gratitude to you, for your gift of friendship ~ Rabbi Meir Soloveickih (much paraphrasing).

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Have not written anything of this such matter yet…


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Would you consider doing so for future stories?



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I don’ think I’ve got a character that really likes receiving more. I’ve got at least one that will be pissed if she ain’t worshipped quite right, but that’s not really liking receiving.

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