Giving old stories ideas and their titles renewal once again, a greater purpose in a newer light.

Not every writer does this, but some do.

Do you ever just take those very old story ideas that you wanted to try once more, but in a newer light.

Red Reign is one, yet I am getting tired of it because it has been changed and altered so many times, that I don’t know what it is supposed to be from what it originally was.

So, I am going back to older titles and story ideas to give it purpose again in the world of Alagossia.

I am doing this because there are stories that deserve another chance and another reason is because frankly I am running out of ideas at the moment. Trying to think of something new is already a massive pain in my ass.

So, I am rethinking older story ideas and the titles too.
That is all I got to say on that.

Thoughts and feelings? Can any of you relate?

If you cannot relate, I don’t know… read the comments and decide if you should say anything or not. If that is all you do, share your thoughts.



A few years old, a decade old, or something in-between, tell me if you can relate to taking an older idea and giving it life.


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Sometimes I try to resurrect old story lines, but it’s hit or miss on whether they get anywhere. I have a Sci-fi Story “Curiosity Kills” that had good bones, but only lasted like four chapters, and I haven’t touched it in decades…
My sci-fi/fantasy mash up Seraphim and Onxy is much in the same boat… both ones I’d love to dust off and work on but each time I do I hit a wall and have to set them aside again.


This has actually happened with an old necromancer character from when I was 14 or so

Originally the story was that a regular 17-year old was kidnapped by a cult that wanted a vessel for their eldritch god to possess, but the ritual went wrong and instead the teen boy gained said god’s powers (which was mainly necromancy plus some dark magic of sorts)

While this story was never written in any way, the “necromancer teen that wants to be good despite the stigma his magic has” character was repurposed for Kingdom of Cursed Sands in the form of Octavio, an adult necromancer in a world where most kingdoms and colonies consider his type of magic to be taboo.

There’s other ideas that haven’t made it very far in the past, like the “pastel wonderland city” and the witch school stories I started a few years ago. Would love to come back to them or repurpose them in some way (especially the witch/warlock characters).


True, there are some ideas that wouldn’t do so well revamped, regardless. Those are some of the stories that in the right circumstances are capable, but requires SOO MANY CHANGES to get it just right.

Probably doesn’t make sense, huh? LOL!

Then there are some DESERVE a second chance in a different light.

How old are we talking?

I never run out of ideas, so, I can’t relate to this. But I do get moments where I don’t want to work on any current on-going projects. It’s not like that now though.


Well, not exactly that, but everything else. Lol!

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5 to 10 to 20+ years give or take.

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I mean, any story I pick up and finish that had been abandoned midway IS this.



Yes, I suppose I often do.

The most recent has been the underwater princess story, The Last Princess of Atlia, which is a mash-up of old ideas from around 2017.

The oldest is Two and the Last Year on Earth which I originally had the idea seventeen years ago :eyes: and it was called Two Three until about 2015. I finished it in 2019.


I’m currently doing this.
Last year I started 2 chapters of a mystery to pitch to Wattpad for serialisation. I had this cool thing planned out, but I gave up when I lost wind after chapter 2. Then Wattpad declined it, so I put it on the back burner for a while. Kept the draft and notes I had. Ended up forgetting about it because I kept getting new ideas and getting busy.
Literally 2 weeks ago, had a burning idea to change the story a little, keep most of it. Now I’m writing it again. About to start chapter 4 for an unofficial camp nano project!


Haven’t seen you in ages it feels like.

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I remember this story, but what is going on with that.
Is it at a standstill or you will get to get it eventually?

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I finished it :wink: I did NaNoWriMo 2023 for it to finish it up.

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Are you going to do anything with the story or is it just push to the side for a while until you do decide?

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Not really pushed to the side. I satisfied the underwater-princess-story itch. It’s done at the moment. I feel like I probably won’t look at it for a couple years :stuck_out_tongue:

It needs to be edited for any posting on Wattpad if I ever feel like doing that.

But before that, in terms of the New Soleil Books, I have another idea for another character and will probably write that one first. Princess Pandora’s sister, Rosetta (not biological sister, btw) already has the lore behind her of being related to the witch in sleeping beauty, and having something to do with the creation of the Destroyer.

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I’m a forever lurker hehe

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The novel I’m working started back in 2014 in a sense.

It was a simple idea: two rival princesses fight for power, and a great betrayal leaves one dead. I published it on WP once but then decided to abandon it because I wasn’t confident in it.

I kept returning to it and adding more and switching genres — in a GoT inspired version there was a whole lot of politicking. In a cheesy fantastical version, there was a hapless knight, a cranky witch and a lovelorn talking cat!

None of those drafts felt right. Maybe because the story I needed to tell wasn’t really about them. I shifted focus, did some soul-searching. Went back to those drafts, and bam! I found it: it’s story of the world, and their lives were just miniatures in a bigger plot.

So that’s where I am now. I’ve taken those ideas a turned them into a pastiche historical epic with a fantasy veneer, which is actually a social novel. The cat doesn’t talk anymore though, but he does have a chapter.

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Maybe I should take much older characters that I wanted to write about and never got the chance to for Project Bloodline, since I am reusing characters that aren’t working for me as I once thought.

So, the main five will be replaced with some other much older names. That will be me giving my old ideas life once again…sorta.