Name a character, any character from your fiction stories or other people’s fiction that have an annoying god complex OR think that they are so great, they might as well be the king/queen of the entire world the live in.

For other people’s fiction, the god complex or super narcissist character can come from any of these media listed here.

Video Games
Comic Books.
Light Novels.
Western Animation/Cartoons.



I actually find going full-narcist boring. So, it’s always partial. Like, the person is the center of their own world, but they acknowledge that others may be better. In this, it’s easy to classify any of my 1st person writing in this manner. That fits Rachael (Begging is for Losers)–but I don’t write in 1st person a ton.

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I don’t have god complex characters, but a hero complex character.

Mallord Beagle from my magic realism duology has hero complex. You can’t really blame him because for most of his life he’s been told he’s a genius, he’s hero, and he’s the best detective that ever lived.

After he retires, he gets a little rusty for detective work, but he still maintains his hero complex. Then his own plan to catch a criminal puts his family at risk to such a point that he finally realizes that he thought he could save the world again, but he can’t like old times.

He thought he was humble, but he wasn’t.

It hits him hard though. He hasn’t been an outstanding citizen as he thought he was.


Haruhi Suzumiya is the obvious example here

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I saw beagle and thought of this beagle

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Not just your own story, but works of others too.

I just want to know if there are characters who have a god complex or just super narcissistic to you from the media listed.

Don’t care if they bore you or piss you off.

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Nope. I want a character with a god complex or is super narcissistic from any of the media listed.



Yeah, word of mouth is that Haruhi is an ACTUAL GOD but doesn’t know it.

I’m not sure if that counts…

lmao. They more annoy me from a personal writing perspective, but yes, they can fall flat pretty quickly.

But more than half the regressor mangas (levelups where someone was basically the apex predator in their previous world) are this type. It’s msotly because “I won all this last time, it’s only a matter of time before I win it this time round.”

It’s the personality of the center of the book for Flowers for Algernon, just so beyond people that it’s hard to enjoy the plebians.

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Well, that’s the closest I’ve got. None of my characters are an extreme because then, what’s the fun in that? :stuck_out_tongue: I like complex and grey characters.

I did remember a god complex character from the sequel series of Tokyo Ghoul called RE: Tokyo Ghoul. It was a guy that was thought to be a minor character, but he turned out to the big enemy. There are many scenes where he thinks he has the world in the palm of his hand and some scenes where he actually does almost control the world.

He’s ruthless and uses ghouls as pawns and people as pawns and doesn’t even hesitate to kill innocent people even if they are his own family.

I won’t say his name in case you read or know Tokyo Ghoul and haven’t read the sequel series yet.

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Probably the most popular I know of from anime are Light from Death Note and Lelouch from Code Geass. For tv shows, Dr. House from House M.D. is the extremely annoying with it but I think characters like that can also be quite fascinating to read about.


Oh yeah, Lelouch and Light were both like that in their own way. LOL!

Anyone else?

Even though it won’t be helpful, I would still like to know. I don’t care about spoilers.

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Nimura Furuta

Nimura is the first name. It is very, very unusual to have this as a first name. Most Tokyo Ghoul characters have very, very unique and unusual names anyway.

This guy, OH MY GOSH was he the most annoying villain of all the villains. Oh my gosh, he would not die! He just wouldn’t! So many times, how is this guy still alive? And being so annoying saying that he’s the top of the world… I was so relieved when he finally died.

Blurred the name of the actual villain in RE: Tokyo Ghoul and the rant about him in case anyone wondering has come by.

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Love Hugh Laurie.

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