Going to Vegas would've made more sense, honestly...

I am rewatching my favorite horror movie again, and I can’t help but to think about the only sole survivor out of the group of friends. Like after all the hell he has went through and being the only one to survive from his group of friends, the amount of explaining (if he does do that) he’ll have to do is going to ruin him. Honestly, it’s like he will most likely have to avoid his friends’ family and wives and even his own loved ones in order to keep them from asking too many questions. Life will never truly be the same for him.

It reminds me of the movie The Mist, how the main character lost his wife, son, and few friends through the whole thing. He has to live with losing his loved ones and enduring the shit he’s went through.

Yet in the movie I am watching now, I honestly think that cheating on your spouse and Vegas or going through something out of the Hangover would’ve made so much more sense, but then there would be no horror film. So, how much explaining can you do when you’ve lost your friends to a supernatural forest god and some ancient immortal cult deep in the woods while on a hiking trip?

Thoughts and feelings?


By the way, the horror movie is called The Ritual, if you wanted to know.


Question: Do you know a horror movie where the characters travel to a destination for vacation purposes in which all of them die or one person lives? Is there another vacation spot that would’ve kept them alive, if they went instead? How do you think the sole survivor is living their life after the whole supernatural event on vacation happened?


For a long time now I have been considering how cursed a Dragonball x ATLA crossover would be.
Just imagine how Aang would react to learning about Vegeta’s past.

“Well, you’re friends with a guy who tried to kill you a few times.”

“Yeah, but he didn’t kill all my friends, turn into a giant monkey, break all my bones, and constantly insult me for my status!”

“Don’t worry, that was a very long time ago, he’s changed a lot since then!”

“Yeah, and it only literally took time travel to make it happen!”


What was the last horror film you watched and actually enjoyed that might fit the questions?

Also, a Dragonball x ATLA crossover wouldn’t seem too bad in all honesty.

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Madonna was in a zero budget film called A Certain Sacrifice before she got famous that turns into a rape revenge movie in the 3rd act and has demonic sacrifice as the climax. Anyone trying to explain the plot would sound high as hell, mostly because there’s barely any of it. You can only imagine what the characters would put in their memoirs.

It would be hilarious due to the extreme culture clash.


Now…I don’t think I want to know anymore. :sweat_smile:


Realistically, they’d be hounded by the cops and blamed for the death. There’s no going back.


Exactly, like supernatural and unexplainable shit that happen to a few people once in a while, how can you explain that if you’re the survivor? You can’t because it’s something you keep to yourself and pray that the nightmares don’t keep you up late at night.

Therapy won’t even help because seeing is believing and no human being who has not experience what you’ve dealt with and lived, can vouch for you.

That’s the messed-up part…sadly. Maybe I am overthinking it, but honestly, I would not want to be in that situation.


So a Lord of the Flies or The Island of Dr. Moreau meets The Beach scenario?


The Ritual (Film) - TV Tropes


Anybody else?

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A little different; the sole survivor of a super-grumpy nature, not a supernatural creature.

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There’s a whole bunch of horror b-movies that have four teens on a summer or spring trip who go to a cabin or an island or a grandfather’s estate or whatnot, and end up activating a curse (out of stupid curiosity like opening a demon book, taking a voodoo doll, playing around with something that looks like it could be a bone), opening a grave (like why), or finding something horror is haunting them.

Often the blond one and the blond one’s boyfriend, both who are not smart and who are the ones that start the whole horror thing, end up the first victims. The bad boy character usually ends up leaving his girlfriend behind to save himself, and ends up in a worse situation. Brunette girl and her dark-haired crush or boyfriend, end up having to deal with most of the horror themselves (if they’re not together, this is where they end up together or almost end up together) until he dies and she ends up being the final girl.

Final girl either successfully escapes, or she breaks the curse, or she kills the demon or whatever.

Sometimes it’s implied she lived, sometimes she wakes up in a hospital and is cursed, sometimes it’s implied she can never escape. Honestly, I don’t think final girl does well at all if she is able to make it out alive. Realistically speaking, she’ll probably have PTSD and a whole bunch of other things.

About where they could have gone? Well, ya know, it’s a horror movie. No matter where they go, the blond girl and her bf will unearth something.

But if we wanna avoid them being separated from society as a whole like most of these movies are, then send them to the mall or the beach or somewhere super populated. At least maybe they have a better chance at survival.

Can you tell, I’ve seen a lot of horror movies following the same pattern? :stuck_out_tongue:


The film Cabin in the Woods is an entertaining parody of the teen horror genre.


I seriously need to watch this.
I heard about the ending (even seen a clip of it) and that alone makes it worth wanting to watch.

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