Got another story idea, but no project name yet.

This is another story project I thought about last night.

Story idea

A young man who is an assassin/spy/advisor to a crime Lord he killed, is now working for a special secret organization to protect an emperor and his family from enemies both old and new. He does all of this while fleeing from his past, but the crime lord’s only daughter is taking over family/syndicate, and wants him dead along with reviving her criminal syndicate the way her father would want. So, now this man has to avoid the new crime Lord while assisting the emperor and his family against threat. All the man really wants is to survive against foes, both old and new in a world that is anything but fair.

Yes, it is an Alagossia type novel there’s plenty of magic usage, action and adventure, world-building, and fancy tech usage.

Thoughts and feelings?



I still have Project Frostsong, Project Throne and maybe Project Lionheart to start. I got time to start these and this new nameless project too, the problem is which to start first.



So, I have two things you can do.

It is best to focus on one project at a time (in the long-run). So I suggest you pick one, focus on getting that fleshed out, and if you become bored/uninterested, move on to another project.

The other suggestion I have is to bullet-point out your ideas for each project (I’d put your new idea on the backburner for now, honestly, four projects is a massive undertaking) and alternate between each when you write out ideas.

If you want to know where to start, the tried and true method of flipping a coin (or putting things on a spinning suggestion wheel) and going with the first it lands on could help you know where to get started.

For me, I used to be much the same way. So many ideas and stories, and either boredom or intimidation to not focus on a single project. Only when I started focusing/committing to a single idea was I able to get far in writing a story. However, what works for one person won’t work for another. I’m a very intense planner type of person. I like to plan out the entirety of my story, have in-depth summaries for each chapter, and know the direction I’m going all before writing. This strategy would not work for someone who is a pantser planner. So take my advice with a grain of salt :smiley:


Right now, Project Succession is my main focus.

The other projects are going to be pushed to the side once I am completed with Project Succession’s first draft. When I am completely done with that story and after taking a well needed break, I shall start one of the other projects. Either Frostsong, Throne, Lionheart, or the nameless one can go second after the completion of Project Succession.

I have plenty of time, though thank you for answering.

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Well, in my experience, I usually keep new projects cooking in my noggin until I’ve finished one other project on my list and then I add the new one on if I feel like it. I like to have two or three projects going at the same time at different levels of done-ness.

Current Main Projects
Between Roses: simple, yet, tedious editing remains
Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound: fully-invested type of rewriting
Alive At Crepusculum: I just enjoy adding dark humor charm and cleaning up passages, adding 1850s slang, and historical references without being fully historically accurate :grin: This story is used as a break from the heavy writing of any projects I work on.

Until I finish Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound’s book one, I’m not going to be working on a new project fully. I might have ideas and briefly write them down, but I won’t commit to it all the way.

Here are the other projects/ideas that are floating around in my head but which I have to constantly push away:

  • Dragon Quest
  • Rosetta’s Sleeping Beauty retelling
  • Taro Redfoot’s backstory turned novel
  • Crowfangs’ story
  • the story about Serelia and her brother Arrow
  • Richard’s sister, Ariella (who can see glimpses of the past) probably deserves a story
  • the story of Mallord going to Azethia to solve a mystery with kangaroos (if he wrote a children’s book on it, surely, I must write a novel)
  • The Children of Scorch Saga
  • must edit/rewrite The Many Secrets of a Broken Light, along with Calani’s POV story and the POV story of Jasper and the POV story of Danlen…oh, these are the Ozel Emla books
  • must fix that story about Jasper’s brother Mitchell
  • must edit The Chronicles of Galderkins some day as well
  • oh and finish writing Undecided
  • oh and finish that dark poetry book

Yeah, it’s a lot. But I’m focusing on the main three right now.

I suggest you try to focus on your three and try to get one done, and then you can add something new after that. Otherwise, you’ll overwhelm yourself and get stuck :sweat_smile:


Right now, I got Project Succession on my mind.
This is for afterwards.


Yes, for afterwards :grin:

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Solid action premise, looks like room for advanced conflicts of interest. Go for it.


Thank you!

I need to start one of my books too. problem is one is based off a ‘legend’ and i dont have all the legend fleshed out yet.
its hard for me to just start writing , i always need a good community and to be active with other writers tbh!