Got any mentions of food and drink in your story? [not just fantasy]

Does food ever appear in your story? Or drinks?
Real food and drink, made-up food and drink, make me hungry or thirsty, tell me what you got :grin:

Or weird food is fine, too. Sorcerers in Elgana eat neon-pink rice. It tastes a little sweet.


A few small-ish times.

Jorildyn went out with her sister and sister-in-law shopping and to eat.
She ordered the “cheapest” dish which was red goopy soup something and plain water.

I didn’t even touch what Tessalyn (Jorildyn’s sister) and Chasianna (Jorildyn’s sister-in-law) had, but it was expensive.


Honestly, Jorildyn doesn’t need food or beverages since she is a divine being that can thrive without the need of such things.

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Does she know that’s why she doesn’t feel hungry?

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It’s weird because she grew up eating to “blend in with others” while they ate. Even though she does get full, it’s more like once she gets full, she doesn’t need to eat for few weeks or months or years till she see someone she is with eating or when she wants to try an interesting dish.

So, she never put much thought in why she doesn’t need to consume food.

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Weird question XD She does have taste buds?

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Yes, yes she does.

It is weird, huh?

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In my book “Girl Salt” she works at a little spirit cafe, so lots of mentions of food there, mostly pastries, drinks, and other such things. Spirits really enjoy sweets!

In my other WIP there’s not a lot of mentions of food, but one of the characters LOVES sweet-meat kabobs. Unfortunately, he lives way underground far from civilization so it’s kinda hard to get. When he first goes to the capital city he loses his shit when he sees vendors selling them and buys like ten of them, spending his first day in the city sick asf but happy.


Food will be making frequent appearances in my story (set in Israel). In the first twenty-four hours (story time) the new arrivals sampled…

Large gourmet Tel Aviv hamburgers, Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon red wine, Ukrainian borscht with challah slices, Chilled loose-leaf black tea with lemon.

Hopefully the characters maintain a intense training program, there’s a full week of eating ahead.

Oh, the Golden Rule for diets and food in Israel: Don’t Be Boring (and Eat Already!).


My character’s alcoholic and says eating interferes with drinking, so very little food is mentioned. But she decides to make every drink in her bartender’s guide, so a number of cocktails are mentioned. (>‿◠):v:


Since my sci-fi and fantasy is set in futuristic Earth with aliens, magical creatures, and humans, I try to use food to add a bit more to the culture references.

The story actually starts off with my characters on a date, and they live in a place called Belris which, in modern day areas would be somewhere between Algeria and Egypt. The restaurant they’re at has a mixture of meals from various cultures, but I focus on Middle Eastern dishes like koshari and dolmas. They also share an alcoholic drink that is common to drink where they live—it’s neon green, and it’s called kloog.

In chapter seven, they share a meal with an alien princess (the species is named Koelegian) which consists of an assortment of Koelegian dishes (quedons which is lizard meat wrapped in dough; ushimato mangral, a bowl of mashed tomatoes and eggs, smothered in melted cheeses and spices).

In chapter nineteen, the MC and a bunch of people with him travel to a rendezvous point in the south pole (which is modern day Antarctica) called Glaciana. There’s a few settler villages there with a few people being Korean descendants. They group meets up at a tavern where they wait for the Koelegian princess to arrive (as they’re all part of the war), and while they do, they eat and drink. My MC has some Korean dishes called jjapaguri which is noodles and meat. And then he has an alcoholic drink called soju. Another person he’s talking to orders a bokbunja, an alcoholic drink. The tavern scene, along with its owner, is actually inspired by someone I found on TikTok—Quincy’s Tavern.


It’s not a Churro story without fried chicken… or a feast :wink:


The story I’m currently working on has lots of food: dumplings, pies, breads… I get very hungry while writing :sob:


lol XD I snickered. Sounds like he enjoyed himself :wink: No regrets, huh?

I didn’t know what challah was. Now I want :yum:

Actually, I feel like I might have looked that up in the past. Have you mentioned food from your story before? :stuck_out_tongue: My brain is on caffeine right now. I like borscht :grin:

I don’t drink, but I like reading the cocktail menu because the names are creative. Did you find any unique ones in your search?

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This reminds me of a neon green drink that came out in a Star Trek episode. I think it was green. They had discovered Scotty? or someone from the old Enterprise who was living on a non-aging planet? and he would drink this beverage without mixing it with anything and everyone was shocked. They would tell him not to, ostracize him, he would feel left out… In the end, they welcome him by drinking it with him. It was a weird high school drama kind of episode :sweat_smile:

My Japanese brain was like “ushi” is cow… cow and tomato??

How do you pronounce Koelegian, btw?

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@JohnnyTuturro I thought you were going to say churros :stuck_out_tongue:

@september what kind of pie?

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I have mentioned challah here a few times before. Although I should be on a carb-gluten free diet, I doubt challah will ever survive an encounter with my plate.

And there's no such concept as too much caffeine.

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lol, the last one XD

Got a lot of the normal current day stuff, got a lot of the ancient stuff, got a lot of the mythology stuff, and got a lot of whatever random shite my brain came up with that day :rofl:

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