Graphic Stalkers [v1]

Finally made a cover for The Rat Girl. The story of a girl who turns into a rat.

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted in this thread

Twitter banner i made for my Twitter account

Desktop wallpapers

This one is my iPad wallpaper and my desktop wallpaper now

My profile picture on my Wattpad profile

My banner on my Wattpad profile

My facebook coverphoto

My phone wallpaper

Book cover i made for the Fanfiction I have started writing

Another phone wallpaper i made

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My profile picture for Facebook I made the other day
:heart::heart::heart::heart: :heart::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:
I love it :heart_eyes:

Two new phone wallpapers i made a moment ago

Phone wallpaper #1

Phone wallpaper #2 (I am currently using this one at the moment)
:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

I am starting to find myself in a artistic mood right now

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Poster i made just now

Phone wallpaper

Late to the party but just wanna say how incredible all the graphics here look :heart_eyes:

Collages i made

More Collages (there was one I could not upload because the file was too large which was annoying but here is a few more

wallpapers (I duplicated one and added some text on them)
And i made another one

Profile pictures for Facebook

Phone wallpaper (i am currently using this one)

Book cover i made

The first one is without the text on it

2nd one with text on it (the title for the book that I am going to start writing)

ay, i’ve been up to some graphic stuff again c: i haven’t posted in a while… again.
probably some of the same stuff but some new too, different genres.
manipulated and simple.






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Banner i made for my Wattpad profile

profile picture I made for Wattpad profile

Wallpapers i made for my iPad


Facebook profile pictures i made
Using the second one as my profile picture on Facebook

Facebook Coverphotos
Using the first one as my Facebook coverphoto

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Having a hard time placing title on this cover I made…
The Title is " The Rose Among Thorns"

How would you all do it?

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pokes thread Comeon… back to life you go!

Made this premade today, my first of hopefully many this year!


The hat is solid and can be blocked by words without ruining the whole of it. If it’s a bit short on length you could add space above, to make room, but otherwise that’s the safest spot to not ruin images.

I have never officially made ordinary objects metallic on Gimp before: it’s actually pretty straightforward to do, but the textures and distortions I had to deal with made it take hours today…

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i’m back here again, this time with a fan-edit actually :sparkles: this wasn’t a request, i just stumbled on a newly published, not-so-popular mystery/thriller book & naturally just thought ‘hey, i’m actually inspired enough by this to make fan-art.’ it’s a rare experience for me, but i think i quite like it.

disclaimer: bad words within the images
this is also my first time doing gif character banners, so please be nice.

⤷ i. covers



⤷ ii. characters

kiara mendoza
— faceclaim: scarlet leithold/jessica alexander

✎ kiara mendoza— faceclaim: scarlet leithold/jessica alexander

imani harris
faceclaim: savannah smith

✎ imani harris— faceclaim: savannah smith

layla fang
faceclaim: fah yongwaree

✎ eden mitchell— faceclaim: alexa demie

eden mitchell
— faceclaim: alexa demie

✎ violet everdeen— faceclaim: kristine froseth

violet everdeen
faceclaim: kristine froseth

✎ violet everdeen— faceclaim: kristine froseth




![Add a heading|690x388]



Facebook Coverphotos