Great story, but the creator doesn't want an adaptation of it...ever!

I made this thread in response to all the manga I’ve read back when I was heavily into manga. There are so many manga out there where the stories are so amazing and surreal, but some get an anime adaptation or something else.

Then others don’t because the creator rather the story stays written or in the mangaka’s case drawn.

The manga artists felt their story worked better in that way, the same way the authors felt their stories worked better as a novel. Having their work turn into a film, tv series, anime, or whatever wouldn’t make the story genuine enough. Doesn’t matter if those adaptation could do the story justice in a way, the creator doesn’t want to take that chance.

Yet there are stories that people know would just do horrible in adaption, because the story wouldn’t hold up well, even if the creator wants it or not.

Do you know of any stories where the authors or comic book artists wouldn’t want a live adaptation of their story ever? Whether the creator has passed away or not?

Thoughts and feelings?



I feel that some manga that are well known to get an anime adaptation won’t beause the creator doesn’t want that.

That is also a factor.

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Oh yeah, tons of them. Roald Dahl hated the movie version of Willy Wonka, for instance. The author of Mary Poppins absolutely detested Disney’s version of her book, and refused to work with Disney ever again. But those people are fools, in my opinion. It’s not a matter of whether the adaptation will be as good–it won’t. It’s a matter of whether you want to spend the rest of your life dirt poor as a writer or make a ton of moolah selling the screen rights, and only a moron would pass up all that money, imho.


Well, that is an interesting response that I wasn’t expecting.


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Ah well, I suppose once we make our first million and can afford to worry about the art of it, then we can stand on principle and all that, but let’s be realistic–right now, if someone–anyone! offered you a million for your story, would you honestly care whether they did a good job adapting it? Hollywood did a horrible job adapting Donna Tartt’s Goldfinch but at least she now has a million bucks that enable her to stay home and write her next novel. I’d love to be in that position! I can worry about faithful adaptations later, baby. (>‿◠):v:

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It would depend on the Director, their vision, and a strong cast to portray the characters well…

While I feel that Tolkien would hate the LotR movies, I think Mr Jackson did a damn good job with his vision (Though he left some stuff out for coherent running and time of events), and the stellar, solid cast who brought Middle Earth to life…

I’d be happy with someone with that kind of passion to do an adaptation of my work…


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I saw Brian K Vaughan talk about how Saga is unfilmable because it’s so huge and outlandish. He and Fiona Staples might have designed it that way intentionally. But you never know…

I would sell the rights to my work if Hollywood came knocking. Who cares if it’s garbage? At least it’s creating jobs.


JRRTolkien had passed by the LotR movies. The son in main control of his legacy did not want them made, it was the grandson who did. They split over that opinion, and have since reconciled. And LotR is pretty faithful, outside of dropping the battle of the Shire and Tom Bombadill.