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Should I go to be early?

Ah shit I have a quiz I need to do before bed

Finished with the quiz!

But now I wanna watch streamers play among us :pleading_face:

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Also I want to watch more of the c-drama!

Not enough time in a day :tired_face:

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I’m a sucker for romance books now


I hate having to cite …

(I understand why we have too etc, but there are too many rules)

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Hanging up the phone & I almost called someone else :sweat_smile:

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I love how everyone replied with the egg emoji on the announcement post :joy:




I like the new discord bubble thingy


Head empty

Sleep deprived

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Fruit snacks are meh

Why is there a carrot in fruit snacks?

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Damn it damn it damn jt

Well could’ve done better :woman_facepalming:

Still passing the class :woman_shrugging: