Greeky's Domain 🦖

That’s so cool!!!

And congrats!!! That’s exciting!

Oof being short staffed sucks…

I’m in the workforce now, unfortunately lol
Sometimes I wish I was back in school for the set schedule but then I glad I’m not in school lol

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We’re all adults now ripppppp T-T

I feel the same about school, I feel like I had so much more energy sort of back then since I got to have summer break and proper week long holidays (part time work doesn’t like giving days off) but honestly I’m glad I can go to work and go home and not have to do any homework anymore or worry about performance or grades

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We’re sooooo oldddddd

That is very true, don’t have to worry about hw

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I pulled my neck the other day from sneezing and I was like o - o is this aging?


Anytime I get up from sitting for a long period of time, everything pops …

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Solo leveling is actually really good

Also, binge watching is the best way to watch something xD

T-T ripppp us

Maybe regular exercise is important x-x