Ha! American politics made Dolly Parton angry. 🤣

Dolly Parton is releasing a new album called Rockstar, which is a genre change of her typical music (she’s a country artist, but she got put into the Rock and Roll of Fame, so she decided to make a rock album which features a lot of covers, many rock artists, and a few originals lol), and her single World On Fire showcases how things have gotten out of control and pretty much chimes in her thoughts on what’s happening.

She has said in the past that, unlike some other celebrities, she doesn’t talk about politics or where she stands because she’s an entertainer first and foremost, and she does explain that in the song, too. But she also says, in the song, that it doesn’t mean she’s out of touch.

Damn. When you’ve pissed off Dolly, you know you did something wrong. :rofl:

Personally, I don’t understand why people hate the idea of celebrities sharing their views. You can say, “They have influence on their fans,” and sure, but what about actual politicians? They’re doing the same exact things, if not, worse. They’re saying things like how they’ll fix this or do that, and sway voters to vote for them… and when they’re voted in, they do nothing. Some do the exact opposite. And she makes a point where “they wouldn’t know the truth if it bit 'em in the ass.” So…? Make it make sense.

And sure, these people preform and do their job, but they’re people, too. They have a right to talk about what’s going on in the world, where they stand, who they’re voting for, if they want to fix anything, etc. just like any other citizen.


Most people in power don’t like to be criticized for the things they do.

They are right, while others are wrong.

They have the power and political influence and status to do whatever they want.

Politicians don’t like to see themselves in the wrong, even when they are.

Dolly should continue to do her thing and voice her thoughts. If the politicians don’t like it, then they should do their jobs properly.

Just a bit of an observation.


Most of my favorite music artists get political in their music, but then, I’m a punk/industrial fan and “sticking it to the man” is kind of a staple of those genres. They’re all very anti-facism and anti-capitalism. They call out injustices in their music and they don’t dance around it or apologize for it and I like that. So honestly, if Dolly Parton is taking a stand too, I say good for her.


I suspect that a lot of entertainers would be more political if they weren’t afraid of cancel culture. For instance, Dolly has a book project for kids, and I imagine a lot of her supporters are Moms for Liberty. But I suspect she has very little respect for them, so she likely doesn’t want to say anything lest they cancel her. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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She’s pretty base as far as quiet activists, but a lot of listening to Hollywood is like caring if Harvey Weinstein has an opinion. So, some of entertainment has merit and some doesnt. The problem is trying to find people who are trolling online that can differentiate. Or they are like Ashton Kutcher: he’s doing something but being serious about him means we have to get serious about abducted children.


I feel like that’s the majority of people, though. :sweat_smile:


Agreed, lol. I love listening to music that is empowering and or speaks about injustices. Some of my new favorites have been just about that.

That’s true. A good portion of artists (of any kind) tend to stay quiet because they don’t want to piss people off and then lose money because people are cancelling them. Cancel culture has definitely gotten out of hand. Like, sure, cancel a problematic person—go for it. But someone who has thoughts and opinions that line with morally correctness and justice but aren’t your own? Ugh.


True, true. Just one of the many “joys” of being human, I suppose.

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Id say all of us
This is why we have the phrase “constructive criticism”. We wouldnt care if it was constructive if we took all criticism well.

Especially when its a core or foundational belief.


i live in east tennessee and dolly parton is regarded as a saint around here. she’s very witty and insightful and has done so much good for the local communities and through her charity work, so id be interested in hearing what she has to say.


We live in turbluent times. Often celebrities that talk about current politics come off as cringey and out of touch. Like Madonna rapping in American Life.

Yes. Madonna made a rap.


Wanted to answer this but couldn’t find the words until this popped up on Instagram…this is why :joy:

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