Happy Wacky Halloween! 🎃 The Winners for the 2nd Annual Wacky Pumpkin 2021 are... 👻


Gather 'round, Wacky Writers!

The spookiest time of the year has come upon us, and it is time to reveal our most haunting of short stories… :ghost:

For anyone who might have missed it, the Wacky Mod Team hosted our second annual Halloween-inspired story contest. Those who dared to enter their stories wrote bone-chilling, heart-thumping short stories with around 500 words or less–all competing for the chance to win the Wacky Pumpkin prize! So… are you ready for what goes bump in the night? :ghost: Ready your buckets of candy and snuggle up with a blanket, because this spooky season is about to get even spookier!


For third prize, feast your eyes upon this spooky tale… but beware, you may get more on your plate than you bargained for! :meat_on_bone: The Feast of Samhain by @SayWatt whisks away the Bronze Pumpkin in their coat! Well done! :partying_face:

Judge’s Review: “I love, love, love this. I read it a couple of days ago and I love it even more the second time around. Vocabulary was wonderful. I just really love the writing style. The voice, the description, everything. Wonderful plot. You had a beginning, middle, and end. The mention of Samhain gives you full credit for Halloween. This was a risky choice…and you owned this prompt. Just don’t invite me over for dinner.”


In an even more chilling encounter, our hero tries to overcome their fear of horror, but at what cost? :ghost: The Silver Pumpkin is placed into the candy bag of @stella_vigo, for her story Fright in the Night! Great job! :confetti_ball:

Judge’s Review: “Fright in the Night… this was definitely one of the more unique stories that was submitted. I loved it. The vocabulary was seriously on point! The story felt spooky, from beginning to end. Something that happened with me personally was an instant connection to the MC from the beginning–in a short story, at 500 words or less, that is a tremendous achievement. Absolutely great job to the author!”


And the Golden Pumpkin goes to…

(drumroll, please!)…

:drum: :drum: :drum:

@HKelle and their heart-wrenchingly eerie story, October Ninth–a gut-punch of a tale about an elderly feline’s encounter with Death. Amazing job to you! :tada: :champagne: Display your Golden Pumpkin on your patio, in your house, or cast a mystical floating spell so it follows you anywhere! So long as we get it back for next year…

Judge’s Review: " Word choice, style, mood, setting, narrative…everything was absolutely outstanding about this one, from the very first paragraph! It literally brought tears to my eyes. I loved October, and I loved October’s love for her boy. And even though it made me sad to see her go, that final sentence just wrapped the story up with a bow and my heart was strangely at peace. Loved it, loved it, loved it!"


As the full moon rises and the howling of the local werewolves creep ever closer, we must bid everyone adieu as the 2021 Wacky Pumpkin comes to an end. We, the judges, enjoyed each and every one of the mystical stories that entered.

As for the Winners – expect a message within a day or two from one of us regarding your prizes and badges.

From everyone at the Wacky Mod Team, thank you for your support and congratulations to the winners!

Have a Happy Halloween!

–The Wacky Mod Team :wackywriters:


It appears that spooky season got a little too spooky for me and my computer :eyes: :sweat_smile:

Congratulations to @SayWatt @stella_vigo @HKelle!!


OMG, I have no words… I didn’t even know I’d make it. I thought it was so rushed :sweat_smile: THANK YOU SO SO MUCH :pleading_face: I’m really, really honored.


Congratulations! Your win is well-deserved :blush:


WHOA. Completely unexpected, but thank you so much!!! :ghost::heart:


oh god I forgot I even entered this :woozy_face:

thank you so much for the distinction! I hadn’t entered a contest in a few years so it was really nice to compete in a short story challenge again.

@HKelle, I really liked the wistful feel of your story. It felt like I read an old halloween drift written by hans christian anderson. Really nicely done.
And @stella_vigo, the twist and double twist in yours was so good. I had to double check it was less than 500 words, wow!
I’m honored I got ranked with you two :grin:


Congratz to all three of you!



Great job, everyone! We really loved reading your your entries :heart:


Congrats, @HKelle, @stella_vigo, and @SayWatt. You all did so well.

I really enjoyed all of the entries.




congrats guys! Can’t wait to read your stories!!


Congrats @HKelle @SayWatt and @stella_vigo!! You guys deserved it:D


Congrats, guys. It was fun trying it.


Congratulations @HKelle, @stella_vigo, and @SayWatt!!! :partying_face: :tada:


Congrats to the winners!!!


Thanks! Hey, I’m honored that I got ranked with you :grin: I read your story and it was simply amazing. Like, I just love how you were able to link each vice to each meal, and frankly I don’t think I can ever pull off that prompt as well as you did. You nailed it :clap:

And @HKelle congrats on winning the first prize! You really pulled on the heartstrings with that one, and I couldn’t believe that it was less than 500 words.

Awww, thanks @JohnnyTuturro @alcoholandcaffeine @SomewhatDistracted @MiniMoxx @Forever_D_A @TheMidnightAssassin @J.L.O @liber_spiritus @JJJ000YYY! I’m so so sorry for responding late—I’m supposed to be on semi-hiatus right now (this post explains it all lol) so I couldn’t see your replies right away :sweat_smile: but really, thanks a lot! :heart:


@SayWatt I knew you would win!!! Ahhhh! Amazing :blush:
Credit goes to me or course for being a cool friend and giving my opinion on it :joy: lmao kidding

@stella_vigo Great job!! The story was fabulous :partying_face:

@HKelle Congratulations!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thanks! :smiley:

(and sorry for replying late; I was on semi-hiatus and had exams :sweat_smile:)

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