Hard worldbuilding and hard magic systems?!

When it comes to writing a story that is hard worldbuilding with a hard magic system, the world of Alagossia is falling into that section unless it is already there-ish.

Alagossia is growing, changing, and shifting in my mind and sometimes on paper (I need to JOT THINGS DOWN). Anyway, I am loving the world of Alagossia and everything else.

So, my question to you writers who ONLY WRITE STORIES WITH HEAVY WORLDBUILDING AND HARD MAGIC SYSTEMS, how do you manage to pull it off?

I am curious to know!


I’ve been world-building for a few weeks on a new/old project. I don’t know if I’m pulling anything off.

I’m not sure how I feel about hard magic systems. I admittedly haven’t read very many. It’s cool but sometimes the explanation bogs down the text.

I’m developing three magic systems that exist in my universe. What helps me is having a logic to how the universe works.

This is what I’m doing

Foundation: Life sprung from Light, an unknowable force of the universe that also created the sun, the moon and the stars. Magic users are people who can influence the Light inherent in all living things and the celestial bodies in different ways. But they are not able to use the counter-force, Shadow (except one).

  • Petty Magic: The most basic form of magic, accessible to all magic users. It works on the principal of creating links (attraction and/or repulsion) between living things and the celestial bodies. Used for things like: crop growth, love, navigation. Little to no consequence on the user, but effects are temporary and they cannot influence non living things like the natural elements.

  • Combat Magic (aka Pelomantil): Requires rigorous training, and only a few are capable of this. These users can share their own or “borrow” light from other living things and instill it temporarily in natural elements like earth or water, or non living things like swords. Used in combination with the attraction/ repulsion links from Petty Magic can cause serious havoc. But that havoc requires serious consequences so that’s what I’m working on.

  • Saintly Magic a soft magic system that which allows users to do wonders or cause world-wide damage. This magic has been forgotten/ lost.

I don’t think my stories require explaining any of the magic. I’ll just let the actions connect the dots :man_shrugging: You know what they say… world-build all you want and then put it in the recycle bin before you start writing.

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Who said that??? I’ve never heard that.
Where was I when people said that? LOL!

The art of bullshitting is how I pull it off :joy:

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LOL I think they mean that a lot of the worldbuilding you come up with doesn’t get featured.

Like, I’m sure there was a ton of LOTR content that never became known to fans. Ik Tolkien created his world and then moved on to create stories in that world, so who knows how many magical animals, plants, and people exist that we never got to know about because it wasn’t relevant to the events of the story.

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bashes head on keyboard “Ah yes, this sounds like it could possibly be a name. Good enough!”

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Pretty much :joy:

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Taking “creative agony” farther than expected, lol

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Hey, if it works, it works :joy:

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