Hard yet fun question time...

In your epic story that is strictly fantasy or science-fiction, I want you to answer this question if you can.

Q1. After a great war that took place in your story, what laws were made that are strictly meant to be followed so that another war or some type of chaos is prevented?

Answer wisely.


I’m a little excited for this, as the country I’ve chosen doesn’t get a lot of limelight all the way up until Book 3. Meaning much of it’s lore is underdeveloped.

In the land of Dutchett, a monarchy once ruled. This monarchy, like most, soon became corrupt due to a few reasons. Mainly that their family had continued an almost sadistic cycle of abuse that was passed down from generation to generation and became viler as time went on. A caste system formed in place, in which the entire country was basically built around maintaining the barriers between the squalid and the rich–putting as many layers between them as possible.

The people were upset, as there was a lot of unchecked criminal activity. Think of the worst conditions of human existence within the castle walls. There was dead on the street, constant plagues, starved and withered people. However, they were far too weak and too scared to do anything about it.

That is, until an organized crime group called Ursulia formed. Ursulia acted as the poorer people’s guards, and took justice into their own hands. The group was so famous and so well known it caught the attention of the nobility. Instead of leaving it alone (as it reduced crime rates, and Ursulia wasn’t targeting nobility specifically) the monarchy lost their shit about this, and ordered them to be found and executed.

There was a lot of running, hiding, teasing, and taunting, but eventually every member of Ursulia was found and publicly executed.

This injustice caused a rebellion so insanely brutal; it’s recounted as one of the bloodiest in history, with nearly two million dead–which, at the time was two quarters of the world’s population.

By it’s end, several laws were put into place:

  1. There would never be another monarchy again. This was the people’s republic.
  2. No one was allowed to go homeless or hungry. Many shelters were put into place.
  3. Crime was to be heavily monitored by guards. (This was a one-off thing, but any and all crime organizations or vigilante groups would be pardoned if they offered their sword to the new republic.)
  4. Any mentions of wanting a monarchy back were strictly banned.
  5. Religion was not allowed to influence laws, although they were given rights (such as to practice).
  6. Equal rights were put into place. They formed an electoral system, in which all peoples were allowed to vote as long as they were residents of Dutchett for more than two years.
  7. Aristocracy and wealth deemed as “disgusting” was disbanded and properly proportioned out amongst the poor.
  8. Nepotism was banned. Everyone must go through a blind screening when being hired, or promoted in the workplace. A neutral third-party must always be involved in these decisions.
  9. Whoever rules is not allowed to have complete authority. Each new law passed will be processed through several groups and voted upon.
  10. All manors, palaces, mansions, etc. would be donated to the people and turned into (basically) apartment complexes.

This is kind of simplifying it, as there was a lot more human-rights laws passed during this time, and work still being done. As of now, it’s been around 83 years since the end of the war.

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So, are there like no rich people in your fictional land or anything close it?

Not technically. There are people in power, but they’re not allowed to have luxuries. Since these laws were put into place, it’s formed into a very humble/modest living style. Luxury is afforded to no one, nor is favoritism. People who are in power are there because they’re somehow influential and part of the community.

After some time passed in which relations weren’t so sour, many members of the aristocracy became vital and valued members in society due to the relationships they had with one another and (some) members of the working class.

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The ruler (or president) though is allowed to have some modest luxuries, mainly due to their life being in constant danger. So, they’re allowed a private household, guard, and other things such as this.

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Wow! That is crazy. Imagine that stunt being pulled in the real world? Seriously imagine.

Ah, okay.

Sometimes I dream, lmao. But these laws were borne of some pretty violent means, I don’t see it happening in the modern age.

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Sounds crazy. I like it though. I can see why you are excited.

Indeed! It’s gonna be a culture-shock, that’s for sure. Thanks for hearing me out!

Do you have your own war in your fantasy story in which laws were enacted?

I had a few ideas but didn’t know where to place them in a story.

For example: If a person or persons start a war or even a global war, then that person’s nation will get a Total Cleansing. Which means that nation will become a Shadowland which is a nation in ruins.

Total Cleansing can happen for numerous of reasons, but one of them is when a war started.

Far as something that has nothing to do with war (well not fully), alchemy and necromancy are strictly forbidden.

During a global war that I am still pondering about in the far reaches of my mind, alchemists help create gold and homunculus through terrible means while Necromancers resurrected dead enemy soldiers to have them fight on the other side.

The Sovereign who rules the whole world sees that global wars are a tremendous pain in the ass and tries to prevent such a thing from happening.

Alchemy and Necromancy is forbidden. There is a criminal underworld where necromancers and alchemists can do whatever they want without the eyes of the Sovereign and the Knighthood Alliance watching over them.

There are other laws made, but this is the only thing I can think of.
Lend me your thoughts.


In the truest sense, that doesn’t exist. But To Make a Kinder Children’s Tale, the ancient war made a law of breeding the worst of the alien buglike tendencies out of the hive. It’s the core of the story, as to why the MC is stuck moving in with the ruling class.

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Your Total Cleansing idea is great, it’s dark and filled with substance. If you want guidance on what kind of direction to take this, I would highly suggest reading historical events in which mass genocide was enacted onto a population, and how that ended up affecting society. The most recent example is, ofc, The Holocaust, but there’s also other examples historically that might relate more to the time you want to reflect. A particular form of media that has a similar idea is Dragon Age with their Exalted Marches–basically a religious crusade.

I think the idea of an underground crime network is really cool. It adds a layer of tension and secrecy that exists within the world which, imo, creates a great set-up for some dynamic scenes. It’s a good idea! Adding magic (esp. necromancy and alchemy, which are commonly associated with black magic) to that creates a layer of spice I find really refreshing.

One book suggestion I have which has a bunch of necromancy in it is a story called Sabriel. I’ve recently been reading it myself, but it seems to have a really fresh take on magic-use and necromancy :). DND also has some cool lore involving necromancers, especially dark necromancers if you’d ever be interested to read up on some of that to get inspiration.

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Sorry for the late reply.

Thank you so much that was really cool of you. I appreciate the feedback.

Also, thank again for the tip. :slightly_smiling_face:

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“The God Worlds cannot attack each other directly.”

Naturally, this was disregarded because no one actually listened, and chaos was not avoided as things actually became worse :joy:

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Ok, so I may or may not have started a bunch more projects last week…

Anyways, in one of my stories, the laws to prevent more wars:

Current ruler can not have ALL power, they also have lots of guards because part of the war was caused by an attack from a group that wanted all the power to them, classes are to be held once a week to promote peace, nobody is to be treated as “vermin,” as they used to be (another reason for the war) and night patrols are increased.

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Well, gods tend to do whatever they want pretty much so of course nobody will listen.

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The funny thing was that the Gods were the ones to actually set that rule in the first place and everyone else was like PFFFFFFF LOL NO :joy: Really, the law did more harm than good

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Ha! That’s really funny! So, the law backfired on them, I see.

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Quite the spectacular backfire

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