Has anyone heard of Webnovel?

Ok. So i got contacted by someone on Inkitt who wanted to email me. I decided to go aalong with it, but carefully . They said they were a liason from Webnovel.
. But wouldn’t Inkitt be under the same riles as Wattpad? If theyre legit(i doubt they are), they should contact Inkitt first. Not to mention, notne of my stuff is comlete.

Thoughts please.

in general if a company is out there poaching content creators from other sites, they’re probably not legit. and if they offer you a contract, just run.

They’re scummy and scammy. Their contract takes rights and doesnt pay writers what they’re worth. DO NOT SIGN WITH THEM.

If they have to poach from reputable sites like Wattpad and inkitt, they are not worthy. A reputable, moral company wouldn’t poach; they stand on their own.

Alright. I was thinking along those lines. Thank you.