Have anyone of you guys wrote a Time Abyss character before or plan on making one?

Here is what a Time Abyss character is, so visit here:


My Turn:

I honestly thought about this MANY, MANY times because I honestly dig immortal characters or characters with extended lifespans.

There are members of the Sovereign Court that would be considered Time Abyss characters, I mainly mean the founders of the Grand Dynasties.

Honestly, The Firstlings (First Ones, First Children, and the Second children) are way older than the Sovereign and her court founders and they are only the Fifth Children or Fifth Generation. Yet before the First Ones, there was Nirvana and her kinfolk, especially Kos’mos and even older Teras’zen. Nothing comes before Teras’zen, but everything was spawned after the entity.

The ancient Heretic Queen Renna and her Red Ghosts are time abyss characters and the Eradelian Pillars are as well. The planet Relkilia is a Time Abyss character as the planet was once a god that was turned into a planet and is still alive somehow. The planet is sentient and cursed for unknown reasons at the moment.

Nowadays, people either have very long lifespans or are immortal though not true Time Abyss characters.

What about you guys? Tell me about your Time Abyss characters?
Thoughts and Feelings?

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I know that might be your thing, right? :sweat_smile:

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Personally I’ve never writte a character that old. I’ve written a few immortals, but they were only a few thousand years old. Nothing like born at the dawn of time. Might be something I could try at some point, but in my current project, it wouldn’t fit with the story.

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Awesomeness! I can’t wait for you to discuss about this character!


Yeah, sure. They are rarely my main characters.

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I mean, the lifespan of my main species are 10,000 years so majority of them would qualify

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Any characters older than the universe or time itself?

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Does Time count as being as old as time itself? :joy: All my Primordials and Elementals, the First Beings, and the Beast

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I had to reread that question. I apologize for not getting it right away.
Yes. :sweat_smile:

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Just saw the typo lol. But yes, all those guys would qualify in that case

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Some are from the dawn of Creation, some come along a bit later but are still millions-billions of years old, then there’s the Beast which is its own case ;-;

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Ooh, same like me.

Though I need to really figure out who is older than who exactly for my characters.

Yet in regards to Teras’zen, no character is older than that entity.

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A lot of mine were made around the same time so I honestly just bs the order as what I think makes the most sense :joy: again, except for the Beast ;-;

Who’s this and how old are they? :eyes:

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Teras’zen is a weird being, because the word “Teras’zen” is also another way for saying holy war/war of the gods. Teras’zen is an entity is that is best as described as “the entire cosmos/primordial soup that spurn the divine realm and gods”. Yet Teras’zen is also a chaotic element that the gods fight for in order to surpass the universe.

In other words, gods start a “holy war” in order to steal Teras’zen’s ability.
No god has done that, not even Kos’mos, yet Nirvana came close or the former Nirvana which got her cursed in the first place.

Don’t understand? I get it. The gods are complicated at best. Hell, me even explaining is complicated and confusing. LOL!

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Essingvaux, Aporica and Curithus are indeed children of The First… In Arillion they are known as The Creators, but they were indeed crafted by one far older than they.

They have a dark past that has been miss-told in the long years of the world, and the Ancient City of Heldreth was their home for a time, a time when the world was young… In that time they made a choice, and one that can still be seen in the tombs that surround the city, and within the throne room. For there are four thrones, and only three creators. The fourth throne shattered upon the death of its occupier… But was the occupier the forth child of The First, or The First itself?

No one knows, and as long as The Creators hold to their silence of that time, nobody ever will…


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Elgana hasn’t been around for that long yet :stuck_out_tongue: 800 years since creation. So, idk, maybe Aurvandil and Skaavandil will qualify one day :wink:

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That’s fairly young for a planet.

Compared to Earth, Elgana is a baby or toddler.


Your comment gave me an idea for a topic thread to make.

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Oooo wow :open_mouth:

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An even better description is that Teras’zen is the personification/embodiment of ALL things presence in the cosmos and amongst the divinity.

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