Have you ever looked at two different yet awesome characters from different shows that are slightly similar and think...

“I wonder what would happen if those characters met each other in some weird crossover”?

I mean there’s crossover fanfiction and fanart, but I always wanted to see when both creators meet and have the characters meet in something or whatever.

@MatthewJH gave me the idea without even realizing it. Thanks, my guy!

Like for example, from anime:

Major Makoto Kusanagi from Ghost in Shell meeting either Deunan Knute from Appleseed or Revy from Black Lagoon.

Honestly, there could be a chance Makoto and Deunan would get along in some way, maybe have a drink or something. Deunan would find Makoto intriguing due to her being a cyborg and awesome fighter possibly.

To be fair, Revy and Makoto will definitely try to kill each other in some way or form. Having a drink might happen but trying to kill one another will DEFINITELY happen.

It doesn’t have to be anime either, I’ll accept video games, book, manga, webcomics, films, television shows, and cartoons, along with anything else that is well-known or highly popular.

Thoughts and feelings?



Maybe this is more of a me thing, but I tend to wonder what two characters from slightly similar or very similar forms of media met in a cool way.

Both characters are badass, awesome, or written in such a unique and amazing way, that whether they share some similarities or not, makes me wonder what if they met.

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Too similar without the ability to easily get along is an explosive combination.

Like ate 3 weeks of Taco Bell after fasting for a month.


Pffft… :rofl:

Not enough caffeine to name individual characters, yet, but I did think of some entertaining movie and TV crossovers.

Life of Brian meets The Borgias.
Deadwood meets Blazing Saddles.
JAG meets Hot Shots.
Lucifer meets Father Ted. (might form a curious friendship)
Degrassi High meets Battle Royal.
Vikings meets How to Train Your Dragon.
Police Academy meets Inspector Rex…or Tackleberry meets John Wicks gunsmith.
Master and Commander meets Muppet’s Treasure Island.


You can come back anytime you want to add as much as you want…when you are caffeinated. LOL!

That’s the most beautiful thing I never heard… :face_holding_back_tears:

Some more options…

Driving Miss Daisy meets Cannonball Run (or Redline).
The West Wing meets Marx Brothers: Duck Soup.
Frozen meets Dune.
Billions meets Duck Tales.
Jurassic Park meets Dino Riders.
Schindler’s List meets Raid on Entebbe.
Wile E. Coyote hires Golgo 13.


LOL! FFS! Had me howling with laughter!

“Oh, come on, Ted… That’s the Devil himself, do you think he knows God?” :- Father Dougal McGuire.
Ted smiles awkwardly and shakes his head. “I think he might, Dougal… I think he might.”


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Another that made me howl with laughter!

Keep them coming folks!



Imagine Father Ted let loose in Lucifer’s LUX nightclub.

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I’ve had a chaotic thought:

LOTR meets GoT meets Marvel meets X-Men meets Star Trek meets Avatar (not air bender, don’t get excited :stuck_out_tongue: ) all in the setting of Star Wars because they have enough planets.

Why not?

Multiverse stories are quite popular. Stuff them all together, see who will come out on the top :stuck_out_tongue: But I hope everyone just magically gets along somehow.

I personally want to see what will happen between Smaug and the dragons of GoT. I hope they would get along. Also, want to see what the chosen supers of Marvel or X-Men would make of traveling hobbits and elves. What would Star Trek Klingons think of GoT Dothraki people and the orcs of LOTR, and what would Avatar Na’vi make of the Ents of LOTR or Groot of Marvel? What would the Ents think of Groot?

Star Wars has so many different planets and would be the perfect setting for everyone, I think.

Would Chewbacca and Groot be able to communicate? That would be fun. Chewbacca and Rocket…that would be a combination to see. Since both have a good handle on weapons, I think they might actually become an unstoppable duo :wink: Then with Groot? Now that’s an awesome trio of chaos.

And we need a crossover between LOTR and Harry Potter. I have to know if Gandalf and Dumbledoor will be friends or not.


Gosh, I wonder what would happen if the main characters from YuYu Hakusho meet the main four from Hunter x Hunter?

Aw, man that is like a crossover fever dream in some weird way.

Oh dear god… “No, please Ted, put her down!”


Here’s a thought. Replace the GoT Night Watch with the Deathwatch from Warhammer 40K lore.

GoT’s battle against the ice zombies would be won in about two days.

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I’m 100% unfamiliar with Warhammer :sweat_smile: I only know the name because it’s popular. If you say it’ll be awesome, then I bet it will :grin:

Imagine the ice wall in GoT guarded by around five hundred genetically-enhanced super soldiers (enhanced to the point they’re almost a separate species), trained for combat (24/7) since around the age of eight, clad in knight armour with better protection and sensors than a Abrams tank, and their standard combat rifle is a magazine-fed, automatic, 20mm rocket-propelled grenade launcher* (imagine a smaller version of the AH-64 Apache’s gun).

*There are very few problems in life that cannot be solved with the adequate application of high-explosive projectiles ~ Artillery motto.

The Deathwatch are Space Marines (see above) taken from various Marine armies, and trained specifically to defeat supernatural beasts that veteran Space Marines would struggle against. Basically a NATO Special Forces Company of Captain America soldiers, with the super-grumps and no Rules of Engagement (Geneva? Never heard of her).


Spice & Wolf w/ Dragonball Z…
Geralt of Rivia w/ almost any iconic Alan Rickman role.
Hell, all Alan Rickman roles squaring off.
Johnny from Sing/Sing2 with Doug from Up.

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Geralt in Die Hard?


Oh lord. Johnny Rico and Paul Atreides…