Hello and welcome! Please come and ask me questions!

I just wanna talk and answer questions. Is that wrong?
So, long as the questions aren’t challenging or anything of the sort.

You can ask me anything from my stories, to my personal interests and hobbies, and anything else.

Try to not make it too personal or crazy hard.
Come on a chat with me, because I need to talk to a friend before I get serious with my work.



Do you think writing short stories/shorties help you improve you writing?


Are you asking me that on a personal level or something general?

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Well, I barely write short stories. I’ve written and managed to finish one short story ever.
I really should write short stories more, but I am so hardheaded and impatient that I just wanna write a novel and have it unfinished.

Any other questions?

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Let me comment.
I feel like writing short stories improves someones writing. Given what your main story is on and what weaknesses you notice you can improve your writing if you practice. It also takes the ability to take criticism from others. I practice writing if it has to do with my main book. Like I am struggling with writing a male character and how he would respond to emotion etc. So I will practice by writing shorties and feeling other different emotions in a male char.

What do you want to accomplish with writing? because most people want to become famous etc from it.

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I just want to finish it. I would LOVE to see novel in bookstores and/or libraries, but at the moment I really need a bit of a reality check and actually finish it.

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The reality check most people need is that you need to be open to change especially when it comes to writing. I have met some people who get critiques legit ones and be like no your wrong my writing is fine etc. Or your bullying me etc.

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I hate people like that. The entitlement that they have is irksome.

Just ignore them. You’re too good of a person to waste your opinion on the likes of an entitled person.

I hope that makes sense. If not, then I shall stop.

it does. Just that people are like that and wont admit that their writing is bad and needs work.

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My work is terrible and needs work, but I can accept that because it nice to get feedback that is helpful.

yeah i had feedback once and i cried but i knew i needed the truth.

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Oh, wow! How blunt was the person towards you?

blunt. but it helped.

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Yeah, people are really blunt like that.
Still, it great knowing that you weren’t completely upset by it. I mean you cried but you were able to accept the blunt criticism and learn from it.

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Where are you from? And, what countries have you visited?

What languages can you speak?

What is your favorite thing about yourself?

Do you have any pets? If not, do you want one?

I’m just a nosey tiger fox XD



None unfortunately.

None other than English…unfortunately.

My sense of humor and/or creative side.

Probably not.

It is fine. Anything else? :slightly_smiling_face:


What’s the purpose of life, in your estimation? :smile:


What was your favorite movie as a kid? (I’m talking 8-12 years old)

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