Help me choose a title! Which one sticks? (POLLS)

I need help with a title.

General Idea: Some of the true-born children of The First Ones (god-like aliens who birth Alterra since the dawn of time) known as the First Children, have been reborn as seven people who were born on the night of two crimson moons, are fleeing from people who want to use their unique powers and skills for selfish gain. However, these seven people are already dealing with own issues as a result of being reborn with strange powers that are surrounded by mystery.

Here is the title:

  • The Red Moons’ Children.
  • Children of Red Moons.
  • The First Children.
  • True-born Resurrection.
  • Other(explain in the comments).

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Choose wisely! I mean that is the general idea that can use some work.


If I have to pick one of the titles you suggested, I would go with the first one. But in your description you used Crimson instead of red which I think sounds better. I’d possibly go with a title like ‘The Crimson Children’ Or ‘Crimson Child’. So far none of them really stand out to me as an eye catching title, but it’s what fits the story best and it’s hard to know which title to pick without reading the book sometimes.


Yeah, it was a struggle for me to decide.
I like Crimson Children too.

I have a temporary title, but it’s going to drive me crazy not choosing a better one.


I understand that, I’m dealing with that same struggle with my Christmas book for this year. XD usually titles are easy for me, but not with this story. I’d read a book called Crimson Children, and I think the cover could look really cool too. :slight_smile: The C could be used for both words to incorporate it that way. The C could also be a red moon. :see_no_evil:

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Coool! I like that idea!

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I would go with Children of Red Moons.

But I’d add “The” to the mix.

Children of the Red Moons.


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Thank you for also noticing the flaw too.
I could I forget the word “the” in the title?


Not a flaw, and it still sounds fine.


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