Help me with a title!!

Hi! It’s been a while but I’ve been trying to figure out a Title for this story I’m writing and I need a little help.

It’s a funny story actually but basically I was reading this retelling of the classic Alice in the Wonderland story but it’s in the POV of the Queen of Hearts. While reading through said book, all I could think of was how I could definitely write a better story than that so here we are:)

Actual context to work with: This story revolves around the Princess of Hearts and how she has to complete three trials to win the crown along with her three other sibling (respectively named Prince/ess of Clubs, Diamonds, Spades). There’s a lot of action, fighting, puzzles and stuff like that. All the siblings were separated when they were young so they don’t feel much kinship and are pretty hostile and cruel towards each other.

I hope that’s enough info?? And of course you can ask for more if you’d like~

Other titles I’ve come up with but it didn’t really feel right for me:

  • Red Queen (is already a super popular book)
  • Blood Red Throne (ehh)

I’m grateful for any help:))

Bonus: some sketches

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This is more to start thinking in different areas:

a song

So, a song older than me is Queen of Hearts, but it’s known as Playing with the Queen of Hearts. That’s an option that would catch an older audience, but not necessarily suit your book.

But there is an option to play around with that: Fighting the Queen of Hearts. That could be played around with to find something suitable.

Tarot decks use different symbols:

“wands, batons, or rods (clubs); cups (hearts); swords (spades); and coins, pentacles, or disks (diamonds)”. Cups were big in holding wine for ceremonies but in this case, it’s more about the relationship between wine and feelings. “In the minor arcana wands deal mainly with business matters and career ambitions, cups with love, swords with conflict, and coins with money and material comfort.”

Suit of Cups Tarot Card Meanings | Biddy Tarot
Click on the cards to read their meaning, if you want, but I don’t think they match the story in-depth.

Five of Swords - Little Red Tarot
This one might, which is 5 of Spades.

These are related to death
5 comes up a lot, just not the 5 of hearts.

names of card games

List of card games by number of cards - Wikipedia

French pack (Poker/Bridge): 2 packs of 52 cards: Spite and Malice

And apparently, we play with a French deck…
List of traditional card and tile packs - Wikipedia

But I like the idea of:
Red Queen: Spite and Malice

Hearts (card game) - Wikipedia

Heartsette is another interesting word.

Red Queen: Heartsette

But it doesn't have to be this complex:

Queens Winning Hand
Red Queen’s Trump Card
The Queen’s Suite
The Queen of Hearts Takes the Trick
A Deck of Cards is no Game
Red Queen’s Winning Trick
Stacking the Deck
House of Cards
Card Factions


Ah, thank you so much!! Tbh I’m pretty sleep deprived so my brain just wasn’t thinking but those ideas are so good and I can’t believe I didn’t think to brainstorm a little more :sob::sob: thank you again!!

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No problem.

Get some rest and go back to them, set up a vote if you’re torn.


OMG. These are amazing sketches! Prince of Clubs looks so damn cool!


I am a fan of simplicity. If the book is about trials for a Princess, my suggestion is to call it, Three Trials for a Princess. Or The Trials of the Red Princess. Or like, Stacked Against the Queen or whatnot.


thank you so much!! :))

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Thank you! I want to keep it simple too lol

A Royal Flush.
Playing the Cards.
The Last hand Shown.

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Thank you:)

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