Help my writer friend get gender-affirming surgery!

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So, guys, I rarely promote funding causes and rarely donate unless it’s something I truly believe is worth or someone I truly believe to be a genuine person who deserves nothing but the best.

That’s Lee, a writer friend of mine through Instagram who is finally able to get gender-affirming top surgery, but they still need more funding. It’s both for the trip and the surgery (I linked to their gofundme below, so you can read their story there to learn more).

I’ve donated already and sadly, I can’t anymore. But what I can do is spread the word for them. They’re a wonderful person. I’ve been connecting with them on IG for over a year now. I want them to be happy. They really deserve this.

If you see this, and if you can, donate. Doesn’t have to be a lot. Every little bit helps. If not, share this link and spread the word.

Thank you, guys! It means a lot :blush:


Unfortunately, I am broke and can’t donate. But I wish them the best of luck!

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