Help, quick, I need a name (ONGOING THREAD)

This is a thread for me and anybody else to ask various questions in order to get answers when Google or anything else can’t often help.

NOTE: This thread is related to fiction writing and nothing else. Before asking your question, explain a bit about what is bothering you?

I shall start us off:

I just need a word or something in relation to it so that I can make my own made-up word for it.

Aeris and the others are entering a country that has stopped entry from other nations for reasons not yet known. Foreigners CANNOT enter that nation, if one does they need to speak to a group of people asking them a shit ton of questions and to confirm that they are who they say they are. And that is only if they’re willing to allow it, regardless of their social standing and how much money they have.

What do you call that? What is the name of the place where a person would go to do that?

Thoughts and feelings?



Any of you and others can ask questions here? This is NOT solely for me, but for me and everyone else here.

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The office of immigrant affairs?


Dear God, that should’ve not been that hard to figure it out.
I’m sick and I can’t think in spades at the moment.


I use etymology a lot for situations like this! Find the root-word of something in relation to what you want, and mish-mash until you end up with something you like!

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Thanks so much for the help.
Got a place to go to later.