Help swapping heads from one image to another

I hope that this is the appropriate place to ask about this. I am a new user of Affinity Photo, but have used Adobe Photoshop Elements and an older version of Photoshop. I am working on digital art to help illustrate a fanfiction based on Stephen King’s IT. This is the base image I am working with:

I am going replace the heads in the image to be the characters in my story. I haven’t picked the image yet for the mother’s head, but here is what I am thinking of using for the kid cause the head looks like it is in a similar angle:

Would it better for me to work with these images instead?

Base Image:

Replace the face with this image:

What does everyone think of this one?

Is it possible for me to replace the stuffed animal with ether of these bears or a combo to fake the angle?





What does everyone think of this one?

Are you trying to switch the heads in this latest image?

I already switched the heads, here is the original:

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Ah, I thought so. It’s definitely something I couldn’t do.

Here is an updated preview:

Here is the latest preview:

hope everyone likes the previews