Hey, I need plot-driven questions, please and thank you!

Much like the character-driven question thread, I need questions for the plot, story, and even world-building/setting.

The same rules apply, in terms of finding website links or making up your own five to ten questions, like I’ve asked in the character driven thread.

Thoughts and feelings?



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You starting from highlands or lowlands?
Hot or cold?
Is it a bleak midwinter, or a blustery summer?


I was reading a post on Jane Friedman’s blog recently about how settings should be related to the character’s past in some way to make the story more intense. It might help you:

Btw did you know Jane Friedman’s like you and hates reading? Yeah! Even though she’s a huge success in the publishing industry, she hates to read. So don’t let your dislike of reading stop you!


I don’t hate reading though.
It’s more like my ADHD makes it a chore to get through a book and stay on track with the book.

I read manga/manhwa/webcomics on my phone, but in terms of novels, it has been a real struggle and that also includes audiobooks too.

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As far as the plot goes, you take the character’s goals and ask yourself “what obstacles can I put in their way to keep them from reaching those goals?” and then add “how can my character grow as a person in order to overcome those obstacles?”

Another variation is “what can I make happen in the story that can break my character?” and “how can I build them up again, even stronger this time?”

Plot should be driven by characters, especially the main character(s).


Thanks guys! Please do keep the questions coming. I still need to pick and choose which are great for me.

Five to ten is the limit of what I desire. Thanks so much for answering!

  1. Who is your main character, and what sets them apart from everyone else, and how does this help/hinder their journey?
  2. How does the setting(s) influence your main character and their choices?
  3. Who out of your cast encourages/discourages the main character the most, and why?
  4. What is one lie that your main character believes about themselves and how does it influence them in the plot?
  5. Why are you setting your story in this world? (What perks does setting it here have over a realistic setting, and how does it play into the plot?)

I hope these help, @Qualeshia12


Number five hurts me in a weird way.

Normally, when I write fictional settings and world it is because I hate Earth and I need to get away to some constructed made-up place and my characters too!

When I say I hate earth, I mean the people and the society on Earth, not the planet itself.

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Sorry, maybe I can try and rephrase it because I see what you mean about it being confusing. :joy: I mean, what role does the story play in the world, and why is the setting important to the plot? (Or how does it enhance the plot?)

Does that make more sense?


Yeah, it is better.
I might need some more if you are willing toss in a few more.
I need three main questions and five bonus questions too that are more fun.

Thank you for getting back to me!

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