hey i'm back again

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been around. I was majorly sick and had to go to the hospital and then I spent two weeks in a constant state of panic attack and ended up needing to go to the ER for severe dehydration. I was doing fine after that but my anxiety and upset stomach are a little spiked right now because I had a falling out with my former, I guess, friend. It was awful and she said so many hurtful things just because I tried to set a boundary (she was calling me nearly daily when she had anxiety attacks/needed to go to the ER but didn’t want to so asked me for medical advice/her meth addiction and since I was going through a hard time myself I told her that I loved her and wanted to help her but I couldn’t right now and she reacted…badly. Texted me a bunch of very hurtful things after she hung up the phone barely letting me finish what I was saying and said I lost a friend and then she shitposted me on FB without unfriending me and just…lots of really hurtful shit) but I really don’t want to actually discuss it much anymore, I’m trying to move on.

In other news I have to have a tooth pulled due to an infection in it so that’ll be fun. With my EDS they’re not even sure if they can do any type of replacement for it. Fun fact: EDS makes it so you don’t metabolism local anesthetic properly so it doesn’t work on you the way it’s supposed to. Before I got diagnosed I thought you were supposed to feel pain at the dentist.

How is everyone else doing? Hopefully you’ve had a better 2-3 months than me.


Not good if I am being honest.

I’m sorry. Do you want to share? I hope things get better for you.

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I loss my source of income and I have to apply for work and try to appeal in order to regain my income again. That alone can take months to years give or take.

Plus I can’t help my mother out since my source of income is gone until things go smoothly with the appeal.

Yeah, things are not going great for me this month and won’t be for the rest of the year.

Normal kids cycling though sickness, nothing really going on since ONC although I’ve worked on things a bit.

Man, I’m sorry. That’s awful. Good luck with everything <3

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Hope your kids (I’m assuming they’re yours lol) feel better soon. Dumb question but what’s ONC?

Thanks a bunches!

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I thin it is “Open Novella Contest”. It’s a Wattpad thing for writing a 20K-40K book in about 2 months?

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I found Madoka Magica crackfic

Thanks for sharing!

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huh. Interesting. I actually just sent a manuscript over to my old manager at Wattpad who is sharing it with Wattpad Books.

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I don’t know what that is but crackfics are great.

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It’s a dark magical series that inspired people to write about the shy, introverted main character taking over North Korea, or getting married to her nemesis in Mexico City, Mexico.

Well, that’s definitely interesting.

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