hi… 🙈

i keep on disappearing from this forum for months at a time i’m so sorry :sob::sob: but anyways how are you guys doing?? literally so exhausted but cannot wait to graduate :woman_cartwheeling:



And that’s okay. Life happens.

Congrats! That’s awesome! High school or college/uni? c:

I’m okay. Sort of. Mentally and emotionally exhausted, and going through a depressive episode because of my anxiety and being an idiot. But I’m trying.

Any plans for the weekend?

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From high school or college?

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Alright. :+1:

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high school!


Hi there :smile: It’s fine. Just appear when you can :blush:

I’ve been getting super busy with life, but hanging in there :sweat_smile:

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I have evolved in the meantime to become a Getter Robo fan. It is insanity.

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