How do you set up/prepare for your writing session, personally?

What I mean is, when you are about to write your short story or novel or novella, what do you need to do before you even start the chapters or story to be prepared for your possibly long writing session?

Some people do a few minor things to get themselves into the writing mood that is still writing related.

Like do you grab your favorite beverage to drink, a pen and some papers, music to listen to, set the lighting mood, etc?

How do you personally prepare for your writing session?
Tell me in detail if you can.


I’ve been writing at night for the most part (and typically on my weekends) so my routine of preparation is as follows:

  1. Take a shower.

I like feel refreshed before writing because it makes me feel cozy. And this isn’t only taking a shower, but I’ll sometimes do a face mask to make me feel extra clean. Lol. But this allows me to put on pajamas and feel like it’s a slumber party lol.

  1. Watch a writing video.

I don’t always do this, but if I am going to wear a face mask or maybe have a snack (like a dessert), I’ll watch a writing vlog or a writing advice video on YouTube while I eat or wait to finish my mask. Otherwise, I skip this and move onto three.

  1. Find a cozy ambience on YouTube and light candles.

I share a bedroom with my little sister and she doesn’t like light or noise when she sleeps. When it was just my bedroom, I used to write in there on my desk and light like six or so candles for the ambience, but now I write in my living room, and because I do this, I turn a cozy ambient screen on (usually a library, bookstore, or cafe scene with a fireplace and maybe some soft jazz in the background but I like the rain and snow sounds) and sometimes light a candle.

  1. Get a drink.

Monsters are my go-to drink, so I often drink them during my writing sessions. But I don’t always have them, so I’ll either pour a glass of grape juice, a soda if there’s some lying around, or something else.

  1. Write.

After all is said and done, I’ll open the manuscript and get going on it.

But I’ve written outside the home where I’ll take my laptop to a cafe and write there. And for that, some of my routine is the opposite lol.

Because I now work during the day, I am scheduled twice within the week later in the morning (it typically is an 8-5 job, but I get two days within the week where I work between 10-7), and if I decide to wake up kind of early to get myself ready for work and go get chai, I’ll bring my laptop with me. Otherwise, I’ll sometimes wake up early on my weekend to get ready to go to the cafe to write as well. I’m hoping to actually do that tomorrow lol because my favorite cafe is closed today. But my routine for this is…

  • Freshen myself up. I’ll sometimes take a shower in the morning so I can brush my hair and make it manageable. Otherwise, I’ll do my makeup and just look nice in general.

  • Order an iced chai latte, and if I’m at my favorite cafe, I’ll also order a warmed blueberry muffin. I don’t care what the weather is, I’ll always get an iced chai, especially since I hate coffee. And muffins are perfect because the cafe here doesn’t only have amazing muffins but it’s just a perfect snack in the morning, especially when I don’t eat breakfast.

  • Find a seat by a window. I love writing by windows, especially when it’s snowing or raining. c:



I open my laptop, and sit down somewhere, play music and hope for the best :smiley:


My witing preperation ritual goes as follows:

  1. Make sure my water bottle is full and within reach of my writing space
  2. Make sure I am in a room with minimal distractions and have no other known obligations for a few hours so I don’t get interrupted too much
  3. (Optional) Grab some sort of snack that won’t make a mess or get my fingers sticky
  4. Open up my laptop and put on a playlist of music that will fit the tone of my writing and the level of calm I need to be able to focus (this can be tricky because my ADHD needs fluctuate, and what might be understimulation one day could be overstimulation the next and I have to find a good balance depending on what that day’s needs are)
  5. Open up my word document and start typing

Pretty much what the others have said! Except with a couple extras. Put on ambient music, clean my work area, tie up my hair (my personal equivalent of rolling up my sleeves to work), review my notes, remember I don’t have a drink and go into the kitchen to make one, sit down, write.

Also, I completely agree with @AMMeyers - I also get an iced chai latte when I go to a café to work, no matter the time of year, because coffee is gross :joy: However, at my favorite place they have these homemade caramel, cocoa, and coconut bars that are divine, and I ALWAYS get one (I’ll admit, sometimes I get a blueberry danish too). At cafes I don’t really have a writing routine though, I just order, sit, write.


@AMMeyers and @ToriHope:
I’ve noticed that I drink more hot “milk” teas than coffee. I love my pseudo-milk teas so freaking much!

I still like coffee, but I don’t drink it that much as I used to.
I can’t be bothered going to the bathroom afterwards…sorry.

Mood. LOL!

Is Microsoft Word your go-to site? I tend to use Google Docs or some “knock-off” Microsoft Word app I find in the Microsoft store. LOL!

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Anyone else?

Out of curiosity, what do you mean by pseudo-milk teas?

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Just randomly happens…

Could be a many numerous things that set me off, then mainly building it in my mind before putting it down.



I use creamer instead of milk for my “milk” teas.
It is still some type of milk…I guess. LOL!

I have a subscription to Microsoft 360 so I don’t have to be online to write. I’ve used the Word program since I was in school, back when it was supposed to be a one time purchase, so I got used to it. I like the tools and layout a lot better than anything else I’ve found and I don’t like losing my work when the wifi goes out because I have unreliable internet. So, yeah, it’s my go-to writing app.

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I used to have that until I came into some money issues.
So, yeah, no more Microsoft for a long while.

Also, those knock-off document apps are good when you have the internet off or even on.

You’d think they would make a Google Docs have the option to write offline or online. Maybe they do, I just haven’t used it or seen it.

I don’t. I’m a spontaneous writer. There is no preparing :joy:


So, you just dive into your writing sessions without music, a beverage, mood lighting, notes, or something else entirely?


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I mean, sometimes I’ll use google docs if I’m writing from my phone or something, but I hate how limited it is and quite frankly, the format is an eyesore and not intuitive at all. Overall, I prefer sticking to my Word documents. I’m lucky my uncle buys it and allows my laptop to be one of the alotted devices his account is linked to, so I don’t have to pay for it myself.

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That’s understandable.

You are. That’s really great.

The only thing I would actually want to use Google Docs for is editing not so much zero drafting.

If I do use those documents apps I found off Microsoft, I will constantly lose my mind with making sure words are spelled right and the thing makes some sense.

It’s a zero draft! So, worry about that stuff later, Qualeshia! LOL!


I write when I write. Don’t have a set time or session


So, I gotta know, how long are your “breaks”?


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I’m currently at three weeks. Longest one was a few months

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Three weeks?
I meant to say in a day?

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