How do you shower?

I saw a video on TikTok where someone asked how you shower, and a lot of people had interesting takes on it.

Do you face the showerhead, or do you turn your back against it? Or, are you like a rotisserie chicken and move all around in the shower? This is, of course, assuming you don’t have a fancy rain showerhead. xD

For me, I tend to keep my back against the showerhead. I’m short, so when I face it, the water just gets into my face and I can’t see what the heck I’m doing. I also like the hot water running against my back and shoulder. But I do move around a bit so I can get every inch of me. :sweat_smile:


It varies depending on the level of pain i experience (chronic pain lol). On good days, id deinitely say rotisserie chicken (i love that way of putting it) :rofl: On bad days, i sit on the in-built chair and do back to hot water.

TikTok asks the weirdest questions omg


I am curious to know what the next question will be.

How do you wipe your ass when using the toilet? Geez, TikTok!

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We have one of those fancy rain showerheads now, and I hate it! But my parents had one of the bathrooms redone a few weeks ago, and for some stupid reason the workmen replaced our nice magnetic showerhead w/ hose with this stupid rain thing. I can’t unscrew it to get it off, though, or I’d replace it with another hose one. I can’t recommend those magnetic hose showerheads enough! They’re truly awesome, and you don’t have to rotisserie when you use them. ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)

But yeah, what a weird question to ask on TikTok! (♯^.^ღ)

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Is TikTok finally getting bored? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a whole routine. I start out by facing the shower to get my body used to the water temperature. I can adjust the height of the showerhead, so I’m not drowning which is nice. Then I put my back to the shower for most of the time. At the end, I face the shower again.

Not a lot of turning around, but some.


Interesting question from TikTok XD

Rotisserie chicken is closest to what I do, which is face away from shower when using soap/shampoo, then rotate inside shower when rinsing