How does your character normally handle insults and hurtful comments? [[POLLS]]

Choose wisely:

When the insults and mean comments come from someone they know personally, what do they do?

  • Walk away to be the bigger person.
  • Defend themselves through words and/or actions.
  • Stand and take it.
  • Murder the person without saying anything.
  • Cry (either in front of them or run away to cry).
  • Get someone to defend them.
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When the insults and mean comments come from someone they don’t even know at all, a total stranger, what do they do?

  • Laughs then walks away.
  • Says nothing and walks away.
  • Defend themselves through words or actions.
  • Cry, either in front of them or run away to cry.
  • Stand and take it…then walk away.
  • Kill the person or persons.
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Thoughts and feelings?



This is for your MAIN characters and maybe some supporting ones. Pick any character you want, from any of your stories. The last one you finished and the current one you are working on.

You and your characters are starkly different. You should know your characters in that regard.


Thinking about Pinti.

I said defend through words or actions for both cases, but that’s only when thinking about a specific harshness of insult or hurtful comment like about appearance or accusations of laziness or lack of skills. Not an insult on a character’s worthiness or belittling their very existence.

If it’s just plain meanness saying “you’re not worthy of anything” Pinti might be too shocked to even speak and just stand there. And then some time later, she will do some action that proves her worthiness.

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  1. He’s from the Australian Commandos, this is a central part of their vocabulary. However, Dov never speaks like this around civilian friends, or those who still consider him an outsider.
  2. Stare in bemused bewilderment, shrug and walk off.


  1. Shrug it off, maybe. Freyja doesn’t like or understand that aspect of Israeli* / military (SF) culture, so she would likely recuperate with a random Dov-hug…always looking for an excuse for one of those…
  2. Glance at Dov for visual permission to start swinging. Assuming Dov’s not already dialing in the range.


  1. Laugh then show them how to really insult someone.*
  2. Smirk, ask the offending twat if they wish to be cremated or buried at sea, and make some phone-calls.



Dang can only pick one answer. For the second poll, it’s both “laughs then walks away” and “kill the person or persons”

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